Title: The Gift Of Giving
Type: Gen
Rating: G
Word Count: 1,116
Summary: Written for the prompt word “list” for the TS Secret Santa, but it grew too long for a drabble LOL. Blair finds out the true meaning of Christmas.


“Hi, Blair. Your appointment’s not for another half hour. You’re early for once.”


Blair smiled at Kate, the doctor’s receptionist. “Yeah, I know. I’m happy to wait. Now that I’m working part time at the PD with Jim, I seem to be in the firing line of every flu bug going around and since my accident at Rainier last year the doc thinks it’s a good idea for me to have a flu shot.”


“With your record for getting sick and injured, that’s a great idea,” Kate said with a grin.


Blair walked across to the waiting area and sat down. He pulled out his Christmas list and crossed off all but one name on the bottom – Jim’s. He had just enough cash left to buy Jim that fishing rod he’d been angsting after ever since their last fishing trip. It’s going to leave him pretty much broke till after the holidays but his rent was paid and he’d just gassed up the Volvo so there wasn’t much he’d be needing money for anyway.


“Want to color with me?”


Blair jumped as the little voice interrupted his musings. He looked down to his right and smiled at the little girl sitting there. “Sure,” he said.


“Hannah, don’t bother the gentleman.” A thin, pale woman with dark circles under her eyes smiled apologetically at Blair across the top of the child’s head. “Sorry,” she said.


“Oh hey, it’s no bother,” Blair assured her with a smile. “I love to color. This is for the coloring competition they’re running here for Christmas, right?” He followed Hannah over to the little table in the corner of the waiting room that had books and coloring pencils and textas on it and knelt down next to her.


“Yeah,” Hannah said excitedly. “I want to win that big bike so I can give it to my brother, Jake, for Christmas. He’s ten. His other bike got stolen.” She lowered her voice to a whisper that Blair had to lean in to hear above the chatter of the other patients waiting to be seen. “Mommy can’t buy us any presents this year. Daddy hasn’t got his job anymore and Mommy’s real sick and it costs lots of money to buy her medicine. “


“I’m sorry to hear that,” Blair said. “Okay,” he went on, “well, let’s see what we can do to help you win.” They spent the next fifteen minutes coloring together. Hannah was pretty good for her age and mostly managed to keep the colors within the lines. By the time Hannah and her mom had been called into the doctor’s office the picture was finished and Hannah printed her name on it proudly and Blair offered to take it up to the desk and hand it to Kate, the receptionist.


“Thanks, Mister,” Hannah called over her shoulder as she followed her family into the office, giving Blair a cheery wave of goodbye.


it’s such a shame,” Kate said as she added Hannah’s drawing to the stack of other entries. “I really wish I could fix the competition and make sure she wins.”


“But you can’t,” Blair replied. “It wouldn’t be fair on the other kids, would it?”


“Not really,” Kate said.


Blair went back to sit down and waved goodbye to Hannah as they came out and he was called in. By the time he’d gotten his shot and was heading home he’d come up with a plan. He swung by the PD and headed up to Major Crime.


“What are you doing here?” Jim asked when he saw him. “I thought you were getting that flu shot done today.”


“I’ve been duly punctured,” Blair said with a grin. “Cross my heart. Hey guys,” he called to the other cops in the room as he made his way over to Jim’s desk, “you got a minute?”


“For you, Hairboy, anytime,” H replied.


“More like anything that gets you out of typing up those reports,” his partner, Rafe, said with a wink in Blair’s direction as he, H, Megan Conner, and Joel Taggert made their way across the room and perched on the edges of the desks next to Jim’s.

 “You know me too well, partner,” H retorted.


 Blair went across and knocked on Simon’s door. “Can I see you out here for a minute, sir?” he asked, poking his head around the door when Simon called out for him to enter.


“What now, Sandburg?” Simon groused good-naturedly as he followed Blair back out to the bullpen. “Who have you pissed off this time?”


“No one,” Blair said. “Really,” he added as they all looked at him sceptically. “Look there’s something I want to do but I need some help.” He told them about Hannah and her family and that he’d really like to make sure the family had a great Christmas and that he thought they might like to help him do it. He turned to Jim. “I was going to get you that new fishing rod you’ve been wanting but it’s about the same cost as a bike for a ten year old—“


“Buy the kid the bike,” Jim said, standing up and coming round the desk to stand next to Blair. “I’ve still got my other fishing rod and it’s still perfectly good.”


“Well, you can’t just buy a bike for the boy,”Rafe said, “we need to get gifts for all of them, the parents too.”


“I’d be happy to go shopping for Hannah and her mom,” Megan said. “I love to shop.”


“I’ll go do some food shopping for them,” Joel put in. “Some stuff for Christmas dinner and some staples to get them through after for a while as well.”


“Here,” Henri said, pulling out his wallet and handing Blair a fifty dollar bill, “put this towards it.”


Simon and Jim opened their wallets and shoved a handful of bills at Blair as well.


“How do we get the stuff to them?” Jim asked. “The doctor’s office won’t give you their address.”


“I thought maybe we could just take it to the doctor’s office. Kate will make sure they get it,” Blair replied.


“You’ve got it all worked out, haven’t you, Chief?” Jim said as the others went back to their desks arguing over what gifts they should buy for the family. He pulled Blair in for a hug. “You’re good people, Sandburg,” he added.


“I still feel bad about your gift, Jim,” Blair said. “I’ve already bought gifts for everyone else. It was only yours I had to get.”


“I’ve already got mine,” Jim replied, heading back round his desk to finish up his reports. “The best friend and partner any Sentinel could ask for.”


The End