Brain Storm epilogue

Brainstorm Epilogue

By Annie

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Slash, mention of het
McShep, mention of McKeller

Sorry, guys, I couldn't rest till I fixed it the way I wanted it.


"So how did the big date go?" Sheppard asks, staring Rodney down.

Rodney shrugs, not sure he's ready to admit to anyone, especially not to John, that he
thinks he might just have made the biggest mistake he's ever made… Well, apart from
the time he blew up a solar system, that is. This is somehow bigger than that though
because it's so personal, because it has the power to hurt someone.

Jennifer will cry, he thinks. He'll feel awful about that. He'll fail miserably at making her
feel better because he's just not good at that kind of thing. He's too arrogant, too unable
to see past the end of his own nose, which is what she was pretty much telling him on the
plane. But, he's just not sure he can go on with the lie, not after what Ronon told him.

"It was okay," he tells Sheppard finally.

Sheppard nods then turns to leave.

"It's not going to work," Rodney says, wanting him to stay, needing to just get this over
with. After all, if Ronon's wrong, Sheppard will hand him his head on a platter. Jennifer
will hate him. Rodney will be alone. No change really.

"What?" Sheppard asks.

"Jennifer," Rodney says. "I do love her but not enough, not the right way."


"I'm in love with someone else," Rodney replies hesitantly, stepping closer to Sheppard,
hoping like hell Ronon wasn't yanking his chain because he so doesn't want to wake up
in a body bag about to be consigned to burial in space. If Ronon was joking, the big guy
won't be having another warm shower on Atlantis for a very long time.

"Yeah?" Sheppard raises an eyebrow at that. "Not Amelia?"

Rodney shakes his head vehemently.

"You're not still carrying a torch for Cadman?"

Rodney gives him an arched eyebrow for that leap of logic.

"Guess that leaves only one other possibility then." John steps forward. "Woolsey?" He
smothers Rodney's incredulous laughter with a kiss. "Me, you, my place tonight, 7
o'clock," he says as he pulls away. "I'll feed you."

"Well, good, that's good," Rodney says. He watches John leave then taps into Jennifer's
headset. "Jennifer, we need to talk."