The Lady In The Woods


By writerjc


John's eyes flew open to a sound he would have recognized anywhere the not too distant sound of his favorite Satedan in battle. John huffed a relieved breath and rolled onto his elbows and knees. His day was seriously beginning to look up.

By the time he managed to disentangle himself from the heavy underbrush, the flurry of fighting had died down. Only pacing foot falls interspersed with Ronon's heavy breathing remained.

Limping forward across the rough terrain, John spotted the big guy in the semi darkness at the top of the embankment. "Down here, Buddy!" he called in a stage whisper. "Come untie me!" His prospects of making it up the steep bank on his feet with his hands still tied behind his back weren't looking very good.

Ronon turned sharply at the sound of his voice, then began bounding down toward him. His shadowy form seemed large and reassuring in the deepening twilight.

"You don't know how glad I am to see you," John said and half turned his body to give Ronon easier access to his bindings even before the other man reached the bottom of the hill. The sooner the too tight leather ties were cut, the better.

"How are " John broke off mid thought. Something was wrong. There was something in the grim cast of his friend's expression, the way he simply stood over John and stared.

"Ronon?" Confusion warred with a sinking fear as he registered the murderous intent that glittered in the big guy's eyes.

"You don't want to do this." John took a half step backward.

Ronon charged.