Preview - Intelligencia


By padawanar


The line between conscious thought and dreaming blurred; John felt a little fuzzy and was still awake enough to mentally grumble about it, but the whispering felt more surreal, like part of a dream.  The first voice was feminine, and soft; it reminded him of Elizabeth in a way, and below the drowsy layers he felt a brief stab of guilt.  It was joined by others, male; female...a multi-layered sound that John still just barely registered it was so quiet.


The whispering continued, indistinctly but persistently, weaving in and out of his awareness until it dragged John back to wakefulness.  He uncurled slowly, uncertain at first just why he was awake until he heard it again, and he frowned heavily.  It was going to be a long enough day as it was; Carson’s pills were supposed to be buying him a few hours’ rest before he had to face it, and now people were talking outside his door.


Grumpily pushing up from the bed, John shuffled to the door and palmed it open.


“Y’know, some of us are tryin’” He paused as the door opened onto an empty hallway, and the frown deepened as he stepped out and looked both ways.  There was no one in sight, and as he cocked his head, listening, he could no longer hear the sibilant voices.  “...sleep,” he finished to himself, running a hand through his hair.


Irritated, John made his way back to bed and sat there for a moment, listening, but there was no sound aside from his own breathing.  Tiredly he collapsed back onto his bed, closed his eyes, and finally dropped off to sleep.