Preview - Episode Two of Beyond Atlantis


He palmed the hatch plate and the ramp slowly descended, giving them
their first peek at the inside of the airlock. It was almost blinding
white in the contrasting darkness of the ocean. John had to blink a
few times against the sensation of ‘snow blindness’ that poked at his

Descending the ramp with the team following behind, he studied the
control plate for a few seconds and then pushed the large horizontal
button at the bottom of the pad. A series of blinking lights flashed
through the keypad as ancient symbols flickered in front of them on a
small screen. A loud thud shook the floor under their feet, making
them all reach out as if to maintain their balance.

“Okay, that was unsettling,” Rodney commented.

“You’re telling me,” John agreed, his eyes intense as he looked at
Rodney, pondering whether to order them all back to the ship for
safety sake when a loud hiss caught their attention and the inside
door slid open, inviting them into the station.

John took a deep breath and stepped forward. The corridor was dark and
a bit cool from the surrounding ocean temperatures, but as he took a
second step into the narrow chamber the lights came on just as they
had done the first time he’d stepped into Atlantis.

He paused a few yards down the corridor, taking note that it branched
off in three directions a short distance down from where they stood.
Rodney came up alongside him with a meter in his hands, studying it

“That way,” he pointed.

“Do we know what it is yet?” Sheppard asked him before moving forward.

“Not yet, but I’m sure we’re safe,” Rodney told him.

“Yeah? You want to go first?” John asked, pointedly and Rodney shrank
a bit standing beside him.

“Well…. No… not really.”

“Mmmm, didn’t think so,” Sheppard remarked sarcastically.