Preview - Beyond Atlantis - Episode 3


by liketheriver


John frowned at the comment.  “I know it’s a long shot, but when have we ever let that stop us?”


“Maybe it’s time we did, Colonel,” Woolsey countered.


“Look,” Sheppard sighed in frustration.  “We’re running out of options.  Rodney even said it himself that he didn’t know what to do to keep the city alive for much longer.”


McKay didn’t look the least bit happy to have his failures highlighted.  “That doesn’t mean we have to take on every half-assed scheme Todd suggests.”


Sheppard crossed his arms to mirror Rodney.  “Then you tell me what we should do, because Todd’s half-assed scheme seems to be the only viable option we have right now.”


“Maybe we should consider the fact that ‘Todd’ and ‘ass’ keep coming up multiple times in the same conversation,” McKay countered.


“Gentlemen, please,” Woolsey interrupted with a raised hand.  “Regardless of whether or not Todd’s suggestion that we return to Pegasus has merit, we are still faced with the fact that we are weeks away from the supposed location, even if the Daedalus or one of the other ships were capable of making the trip.  As it is, we’re lucky the Daedalus will be able to make the relatively short trip here to evacuate the city in a few days.  It could be months before we can attempt a return trip back to Pegasus.”


“Rodney can get us there,” John insisted confidently.


McKay’s eyes widened in something between surprised and outrage.  “Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Sheppard, but I hate to inform you that you’re sadly mistaken this time.”


“You could modify one of the Jumpers to use the wormhole drive and move us just like Zelenka did with the city when they brought her to Earth,” Sheppard suggested. 


He’d actually been wondering if that was feasible or not since he’d learned how Atlantis had arrived so quickly, but had never brought it up with Rodney until now because it didn’t seem like anything they’d really need.


“Technically,” McKay corrected, “it was my work and Radek simply completed the necessary calculations for the connections.”


John waved a hand. “Yeah, yeah, your concept, Radek’s execution.  We get it.”


“That’s like giving the cable guy credit for conceiving and developing the entire theory of a digital feed simply because he flips a switch,” Rodney argued.


Sheppard was reaching the end of his rope with McKay.  “Fine, fine, you’re the bigger genius.  We all boggle at your abilities, which is just one more reason why you should be able to convert one of the Jumpers easily enough.”


John grinned smugly at the way he had outsmarted Rodney.  Because if there was anything McKay couldn’t resist, it was living up to the potential genius others saw in him.  That was obvious in the way the scientist opened his mouth to protest, then closed it as the gears started turning and Rodney realized he could convert the Jumper to do what they needed for the trip to Pegasus.