Preview - Beyond Atlantis - Episode 4


By Winnie


Sheppard knew he should look for a place to land and ride out the storm, but there seemed to be nothing suitable on the scope. “Damn,” he thought and panned right as lightning struck a nearby tree that towered above everything else. There were lights in the distance, but it took him a few minutes to realize he was looking at a village of some sort, one that was not mentioned on the map of the area.


Sheppard fought the controls and managed to keep the Jumper from crashing into the trees, but the downward force of the winds through the mountain pass felt like a giant’s hand pressing him down. He swung right, marginally avoiding an impact with the sheer face of a cliff before being forced to bank left as a jagged peak appeared directly in front of him. He narrowly missed crashing into it as the wind increased and the rain slanted toward him like sheets of brittle glass shattering against the Jumper.


“Oh crap,” he whispered as the craft shook beneath his touch. He struggled for control, but knew it was a lost cause as the Jumper descended toward the unknown darkness below.