Preview - Beyond Atlantis - Episode 5


By writerjc


“Unscheduled off-world activation!” Chuck announced loudly.


Richard Woolsey did a quick about face. “Do we know who it is?”


“It’s Dr. McKay’s IDC.” Chuck looked to him for instruction.


“Lower the shield,” he authorized.


“Atlantis, this is Sheppard!” The colonel’s voice was nearly lost amid the sound of weapons fire. “As soon as we’re through, raise the shield!”


“Acknowledged.” Richard nodded toward Chuck then moved quickly toward the railing for a better view of the gate. He wanted to ask what sort of trouble they were having, but knew that his questions would have to wait until the team was safe. Sheppard would not respond to such questions before then.


Almost immediately the puddle rippled as first Rodney then Teyla stumbled through, aiming back toward the event horizon, weapons drawn. With another wet sounding splurt Ronon slid through on his back, clutching his blaster two handed while he fired on something Richard couldn’t see near the upper portion of the puddle. Lastly came Sheppard, in a posture similar to Rodney and Teyla.


“Now!” Sheppard yelled the instant he cleared the rippling surface.


But it was already too late.