Preview - Episode 7


By LilRicki


"Commander," John nodded back, "we - "


" - are three hours overdue," Woolsey interrupted.


John's smile disappeared. "What?" He looked at his watch.


"I was getting ready to send a rescue team," the bureaucrat said, frowning like a principal with a bunch of truant students. "I know protocol is to wait six hours, but considering it was your team . . ." He let the statement hang in the air.


"We are sorry," Teyla apologized, looking bewildered. "We lost track of time."


"I'll say," John said, frowning at his watch.


Ronon looked nonplussed by the proceedings.


"Well," Richard said, "I suppose you'll have a good story when you brief me in one hour, so " He stopped short, then craned his neck to look behind John.


Sheppard had the sudden suspicion that some kind of animal had followed them through the 'gate, but saw nothing when he looked. "What?"


"Where is Doctor McKay?" Woolsey asked. "Did he stay behind?"


John frowned again. "What?"


"Where's McKay?" Richard repeated with more than a hint of irritation.


Sheppard turned to Teyla, who mirrored his confused expression and shook her head.


"If this is some sort of prank," Richard huffed at the teams' blank looks, "I can assure you that it's not funny."


John looked at Ronon, who merely shrugged.


"Colonel," Woolsey demanded, "where is Rodney?!"


John turned back to the city commander.


"Who," he asked, "is Rodney?"