Preview Episode 8


by Winnie


“Yes, well, there is that,” Woolsey agreed and watched as Sheppard led his team toward the gate. “Colonel, don’t forget to check in every four hours.”

Sheppard knew it was standard, but something told him Woolsey was as nervous about this mission as he was. There was nothing he could do to ease the other man’s mind. With a last glance over his shoulder, Sheppard stepped through the Stargate and exited onto a new and deadly planet.

John didn’t have time to react to the darkness around him as something drilled into his side and he flew backward into Ronon.

“Sheppard!” Dex shouted, but could not help his friend as something slammed into the side of his head and he dropped to the ground beside the colonel.

John held his arm against his side, blinking rapidly as lights flashed around him. He looked at his hand, now covered with his own blood and cursed as a tall figure stood over him. The man’s breath reminded him of sour milk and made his stomach churn. “Guess you people haven’t heard about mouthwash!”