McKay Ex Machina


By Patricia


"Well. That's interesting," McKay muttered to himself twenty minutes later. He looked up. "Where's Sheppard?"


"Exploring, sir," Morales answered from his chosen post leaning against the wall near the entryway. "As you suggested."


"What is interesting, Rodney?" Teyla asked. She was seated at one of the chairs by the odd tables. The chairs swiveled and so she was able to keep her eyes on everything simply by turning in place.


"I've found some encrypted - strongly encrypted - files. Valeri, you stay with the archive transfer; Leah, you have the transient memory dump. I'm going to look into these. They're on a different server." He engaged his radio, "Sheppard, I'm going to have to change locations," he announced even as he readjusted his pack in anticipation of a hike.


"Why?" Came back clearly enough in his ear.


"I found references to some encrypted files on another server. " He pulled out his life signs detector. "It's almost directly opposite where you are now. Have you been there yet?"


"No. Teyla, do you copy?"


"I am listening, John." They all were. Everyone had their radios live and on the same channel.


"Go with him. Keep him out of trouble. Morales, you stay with Doctors Shaltiel and Zaikin."


A chorus of "Yes sir" and "Very well, John," reassured him. Mostly.


"It's an older bridge," Rodney explained as he and Teyla passed back into the narrow spoke.  "Smaller, they must have used it while building the main part here." He was focused on the scanner and almost didn't recognize the tightness of the passageway this time. Teyla  murmured a sound that was meant to imply that she was paying attention to him, but she was really more intent on their progress and the possibility that if his attention strayed from its focus he might need some encouragement to keep from panicking. "I suppose it's possible the earlier structure was more sound - although really, the whole station has to be sound I mean --"