Jack’s Date


By Eilidh17


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Lieutenant Pike shuffled the papers on his desk.  It had been a productive session despite the blank stares and rolled eyes when he’d suggested the team building challenge.  Take the word ‘Christmas’ and use the letters to describe a member of their team.  Really, it was all supposed to be a bit of fun to relax everyone for the next session.  One paper caught his attention.  Not for the stick figures hastily sketched down one side, or the crude depiction of the Stargate.  No.  This person’s answers led to one conclusion only.


C – Cute, Cuddly, Chocolate.

H – Handful, Headstrong, Hilarious, Horrible.

R – Rocks, Rowdy, Ratty, Riotous.

I – Intelligent, Intellectual, Irresistible.

S – Sweet, Sleepy, Stories.

T – Trouble, Tiring, Toys, Ticklish.

M – Messy, Meddlesome, Moody.

A – Animated, Active, Angel.

S – Silly, Snores, Snuggly.


A certain colonel was fraternizing with a member of the SGC, though why he chose to be so blatant about it was a mystery.


“Colonel O’Neill, sir.”


Jack stopped in his tracks and let his chin fall to his chest.  He thought he’d escaped, made good with his exit, but Mr Bright and Cheery had other plans.


“What do you want, Pickle?”


“It’s Pike, sir.”


Jack turned to face the man and tapped the cover of his watch.  “My lunch hour, Pike, and I’d like to spend it having lunch.”


“This won’t take a moment.  I have your team building exercise here.”


“Good for you.”


“You did understand the rules of the exercise, didn’t you, sir?”


Jack arched an eyebrow, glancing at the sheet in Pike’s hand.  “Yeah? Well, don’t get yourself into a pickle, Pickle.”


If Pike heard Jack’s words he chose to ignore them. “I’m just a bit concerned about some of your answers.”


“Can you be specific, Pike.  I’ve got a date.”


Pike coughed and frowned.  “Well, that makes sense then.”


“Not to me it doesn’t.”


“Are you dating a member of this facility, sir?”


Jack blinked.  Talk about a curve ball. “And you got that from my answers?”


“C – Cute and Cuddly. I- Irresistible.  S – Sweet. T- Ticklish.”


“Daddyyyy.”  Daniel’s giggled scream echoed down the hallway and straight to Jack’s ears. 


“Pickle, listen real careful now, I’m gonna say this one.” Jack nodded towards the small boy gallumphing down the hallway, hair flying and giggles bouncing in the air. “That would be ‘D’ for Daniel, who is my ‘S’ for son and was once an ‘M’ for member of my team.  So in answer to your ‘Q’ for question, there is my ‘D’ for date.”


With an explosion of chatter, giggles, and hiccups, Daniel sprung into Jack’s arms and snaked his arms around his neck.


“I’s be hungry, Daddy.”


“I know, sport.”


“Did’cha miss me, Daddy? Huh? Did’cha?”


“Yep, sure did, sport!”