For the love of … nuts!


By Eilidh17


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“Wow! These are great. What are they called again?”


“Caroose nuts.” 


The lead up to Christmas day in Atlantis was in full swing and everyone was pitching in.  Hand made decorations decked the mess hall and a large fir type tree from the continent was the star attraction.  Ronan, unsure of Earth traditions, despite Rodney’s persistent tutelage, had agreed to source nuts from off world as a substitute for Chestnuts.


“And you roasted them up as well!”  Rodney said excitedly, cheeks engorged, and his hand reaching into the nut bowl.


“The only way to eat them.”


“Nope, on Earth we quite often eat them raw.”


 “You’re kidding, right?” Ronan said swallowing deeply. “Raw?”


“Oh, yes,” Rodney popped in another nut, wiping his hands on a napkin. “Raw, unsalted, marinated… I’m kinda partial to raw though.”


“Raw ones are pretty big, McKay, I’m not sure you can handle them.”


“Na, me and nuts go back a long way.”


“Okay, next Caroose slaughter day, I’ll get you some raw ones.”


The bowl was empty and most of its contents sat in McKay’s stomach. “Ahh,” Rodney groaned suddenly turning a deeper shade of green, “tell me you slaughter nuts?”


“Na!”  Ronan started spooning fresh nuts into the bowl, “We slaughter Caroose, kinda like your earth cow.”