EMAIL: Debbie

New!: The Future


Dark Night

This is a missing scene for BMB. It takes place after the scene where Jim and Blair are sitting in the living room of the loft when Blair is explaining about bats, the ambience and all that other stuff.


This is a 'Blind Man's Bluff' missing scene with Jim helping Blair cope with the aftermath of his exposure to Golden.

I've Been Here Before

This is a missing scene for 'Blind Man's Bluff', an epilogue in which Blair doubts his place with Jim.

Hold On

This is a missing scene for the episode 'Blind Man's Bluff'. It takes place right after Blair collapses in Jim's arms in the PD garage. It ends up right before the scene where they show Jim sitting by Blair's bedside in the hospital. This is from Jim's POV as he tries dealing with his lost sight and his other senses are trying to compensate.

Another Point of View

This is three vignettes, or snippets, incorporating Joel Taggart getting to know Blair Sandburg better. Missing scenes for 'Seige', 'Blind Man's Bluff', and 'Dead Drop' and spoilers for 'Switchman'.

Long Time

This is a Love and Guns epilogue.  This is Blair's way of dealing with the pain of Maya.

A Model Citizen

Jim learns a secret from Blair's past.  This is also a Debt epilogue.


Cypher epilogue/missing scene.  Jim helps Blair cope with the aftermath of Lash.

I'm Your Guide, You're My Sentinel

It seems Blair and Jim share some things after the merging at the fountain… AU Epilogue for Sen Too.

Significant Decision

With his ride-along authorization in limbo, will Blair decide he's had enough and concentrate on his dissertation and abandon Jim? An epilogue to 'Finkelman's Folly'.

Fear of Responsibility

Moonridge Auction fic for Lisa Adolf. Jim and Blair must deal with their respective losses together. Epilogue for Warriors.

A Blossoming Friendship

Epilogue for Vow of Silence.

The First Meeting

This is the first story in a (hopefully) series of AU stories of Jim and Blair meeting each other under slightly different circumstances. Both Jim and Blair are slightly different in this story, but still
basically the same characters. In this first story, Jim decides to seek out Blair when he finds out he is doing a study involving people with heightened senses.

What Can I Say

Jim contacts his mother, not knowing what to expect.

A Reaction To A Reaction

Blair reacts to the reactions of his actions. A post-TSbyBS story.

At The Beginning...

Summary: Epilogue for Switchman. Blair owwies.
Warning: Small spoilers for Switchman.

The Future

After the press conference, Blair starts thinking about his future.





Blair suffers a terrible loss. Though they're now leading somewhat separate lives, Jim is there to help him pick up the pieces and move on.

A Fine Line

Are things really as they seem?

Headache to Heartache

Blair believes he only has a short time to live. But is it really true?

Christmas in Cascade

This is my take on the first Christmas Jim and Blair spend together.   There are spoilers for various episodes. Also included are Jim owies and Blair angst.  Other than that, this is just another holiday story.

Bad Joke

A prank is never a good thing (a lesson learned the hard way)

It Was Only An Accident

Blair is in a safe house and finds trouble


Steven Ellison questions Blair's place in Jim's life


Jim commits a snap decision that changes everything


Ex-students looking for revenge kidnap Blair and Major Crime, without Jim, must find him before it's too late

Stinky Situation

Jim and Blair go on vacation and of course, something goes wrong.

A Secret Revealed

Blair has a secret he's kept from Jim and the others in Major Crime for years.  It's something he's done ever since he was an undergraduate at Rainier.  But now the secret may be revealed.

Written for the December Themefic on SentinelAngst, 12/2005.

The Major Crime Family Sticks Together

Cascade Times Secret Santa fic for Leesa Perrie.

How Can I Not...?

When a stranger calls Blair at the police station, it starts him on a journey that will change his life and answer a question he's always wondered about.

Written for the January 2006 Themefic on Sentinelangst.



After Jim and Blair get hurt camping, things go from bad to worse.

Written for the March 2006 themefic on Sentinelangst.


Blair has doubts about his new career and what he's had to give up.

Surprise Revelation

This is written in response to a challenge on Sentinel Sanctuary -- using the following sentence: So where does that leave us?

WARNING: This is a hetero story with Jim Ellison and Naomi Sandburg in a relationship together.

A Matter of Trust: Undercover Disaster

Written for the Sentinelangst April 2006 themefic.

There is a distinct breach of trust between Jim and Blair in this story.

Silence Shattered

When Blair suffers physical and mental abuse, Jim takes him away to heal.

Second Chances

When Jim and Blair are involved in a horrifying accident, Naomi and William are at odds over the best course of action.

One of Their Own

Blair is not well-liked by everyone at the Cascade Police Department.

The Responsible One

When an explosion injures Blair and Simon, Jim vows to find the one responsible.

Life Changes

Blair is caught in a dangerous situation during a stint as a substitute teacher. And Jim is contemplating a career change.
Warnings: Teen violence (somewhat graphic), death (no major characters)

Partners, Friends, Family and Christmas

It's Christmas time in Cascade and Jim and Blair continue with tried and true traditions.

A Real Family

Jim investigates drug dealers and encounters a young boy who he befriends.
An AU with Blair as a 10-year-old boy.

A Minor Injury

During an arrest, Blair is injured.


Follow up to A Minor Injury. Jim takes Blair home to the loft and takes care of him.

Halloween, the Black Cat and Blair Sandburg

Blair has an accident as a result of a black cat.

If You Can't Stand The Heat...

It's hot in Cascade and Jim comes to the rescue <g>



Running Trilogy:

Running Away

Running Home

Running Toward Resolution

Agapé Pentad Series:

These were written for Lisa, who was the high bidder for the prompt stories. Thanks goes to Lisa for her contribution to Moonridge and the choice of word prompts.

Adventures in Camping

Jim and Blair's camping trip is interrupted by two bad guys intent on revenge. (Prompt word-Shelter)

Just His Luck

Just when Blair starts to feel better, the flu bug attacks and Jim has to take care of him. (Prompt word-Fever)

A Hero to Some

Another hospital scene, this time Blair is there for Jim after he's shot. (Prompt word-Scars)

Fallen Hero/Fallen Friend

Jim and Blair attend the funeral of a fallen officer which affects both men. (Prompt word-Funeral)

Waiting for Word

Blair worries about Jim when he's in an accident. (Prompt word-Smoothies)