Title: Passages

Author: Getty

Pairing: Legolas/Aragorn
Rating:  G

Type: Slash

Warnings: Character death

Disclaimer: These characters belong to Tolkien, because if they were mine there would be some chicks with swords in there who were capable of holding their own. I am not making any money off of this, which is really sad.
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Authorís Notes: This story is dedicated to my Best Friend and beta the IgnobleBard, because if it werenít for him I would not be here now telling you this story. Much thanks also goes to Vesta who remains dedicated in her unflagging support.  






I followed you from the moment you were born, I watched with joy as you learned to walk and I listened with delight to your first laugh. I was there when you rode your first horse and my hand covered yours the day you shot your first arrow. I saw you grow up, and I was there with you when, stone faced, you watched your mother die. Though outwardly you showed nothing, beneath my hand upon your shoulder I could feel you trembling and I sensed how badly you were hurting at that moment.

One time you whispered into my ear "you can't leave me, you belong to me".

You pierced my heart with that simple plea. And that night I promised you with my lips, my hands and my body that I never would. Telling you how I felt about you with my actions, for words were not enough.

From that moment on, wherever you led I followed. Across thousands of miles we walked and rode. I fought beside you in numerous battles with never a thought for my own safety, but only doing what had to be done so that you made it through the bloodshed alive. I was by your side when we stepped onto the Paths of the Dead and I would have accompanied you into the very fires of Mordor had that been where our destiny led us.  

Through it all I never asked for anything, but now it is my turn to whisper into your ear.

"Please do not go where I can not follow."

Even as I spoke these words I knew it was too late. Aragorn had breathed his last. Though his face was lined and his hair was gray, there was still a kingly look about him, and his face shone radiantly, with a peace that had never before been there while he lived. 



A single tear trickled down his cheek and Legolas stood and brushed it away with one trembling hand as he leaned down to place a final kiss upon Aragorn's cool brow. Exiting the building he did not look back as he walked into the street, out of the city, and down to the sea.