Title:      Undenied

Author:     Getty
Pairing:    Frodo/Legolas
Rating:     NC17 but for content not language  
Type:       Slash
Warnings:   Character death
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Tolkien, because if they were
mine there would be some chicks with swords in there who were capable
of holding their own. I am not making any money off of this, which is
really sad.
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Author's Notes: Once again I would not have been able to accomplish this without Mike, my beloved beta. A big thanks still goes to Vesta for her being able to point out the “one tiny problem” with my story, lol.




With gleeful abandon Frodo drove his weapon deep into Legolas’ soft, pliant body, thrilled by how easily he'd penetrated the elf this first time, how tight and wet their union was.

Surprised by the emotions that came over him as Frodo's weight pressed upon him Legolas thrashed his body wildly in response, gaping at Frodo in amazement for never before had he encountered such passion in a hobbit.

Frodo was nearly blinded by the giddy rightness of their union. How seductively simple this feeling of first love was, but it did not carry the same siren song that his harmonious connection with Sam had. Bittersweet their parting may have been, but Frodo had to walk away, had to leave Sam there, lying among the Mallorn trees, their passion splattered upon the golden leaves that had fallen to the ground, a testament for all to see of their love.

Frodo was yanked from his reverie as Legolas made to speak. He watched, suddenly overcome with emotion, as he saw how his actions had touched Legolas. Wanting only to see a reflection of his own feelings in Legolas’ eyes Frodo impaled him again.

Summoning all his remaining strength Legolas made to speak, with trembling lips he tried to verbalize his feelings, "Frodo..."

But Frodo stopped him by placing a finger to his lips. His words were a heady whisper in Legolas’ pointed ear, "I will not be denied. You know you want this."

Legolas’ eyes opened wide with understanding as he groped desperately down Frodo's chest, plucking at the lacings of his shirt. Caught up in the fervor of the moment, Frodo's almost man-sized strength overcame Legolas’ feeble resistance, and now, aided by the lubrication that engulfed his steel, Legolas groaned loudly as Frodo propelled himself even deeper into his body, his little legs scrabbling about trying desperately to gain purchase against the loamy ground. Thrilling him with the sucking resistance that he encountered each time he pulled out.

Legolas could feel himself tipping over, as the white, hot light slowly turned black before his gaze. Unable to help himself, knowing he could not stop, crying out as he saw the future of Middle Earth spinning out before him Legolas grunted hard and flipped over, allowing Frodo better access. Seeing the broad expanse of smooth skin before him sent a frission of excitement down Frodo's spine and he laughed happily at this new opportunity that presented itself.

Again and again he plunged his weapon into Legolas, each thrust increasing his excitement, his lust building into a red haze of ecstasy with every passing moment. Finally, with one ear splitting shriek of release, Frodo thrust his sword cleanly through Legolas’ heart, killing him instantly.

Panting deeply, Frodo removed Sting from Legolas’ lifeless body, wiping off the gore that still clung heavily to the blade. It had been a hard fight but in the end, just like the ring had said, Legolas died. Sheathing Sting back into its scabbard he clasped the ring tightly to his body.

Unaware that he was even speaking as he turned away, Frodo softly said, "You can't abandon me, you belong to me."

Then giggling happily to himself he turned and slipped away into the Lothlórien night. There was still much of himself to share with the others before dawn crept across the horizon.