Warnings: Angst, Hurt/NC
Disclaimers: As before, not mine. Just borrowed.
Fandom: M7-ATF

Unwelcome Epiphany



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       Hed always supposed he would like a settled home, a family, friends.  So many people hed encountered in his life had those things, valued them.  Hed always supposed that someday hed achieve at least one of them.  He thought hed found friends once or twice, before Maude moved him along. He thought hed found a home in Atlanta, a home and friends, but that had been terribly untrue.  This time, however, this time, hed thought hed found all three, that hed finally achieved what he hadnt really realized hed so very much wanted.

       The first raid, when the others paired off so smoothly, leaving him with an unknown agent from Team 5, should have made him wonder.  The first Monday he overhead the others talking about a weekend gathering to which he had not been invited, he should have suspected.  When there was a celebration, complete with cake and champagne for Nathans birthday, a week after his own had been forgotten or ignored, he should have acknowledged the truth.  But hed made excuses in his own head, trying to hold onto his latest and seeming best chance.

       Now, lying in a hospital bed, alone for the third day in a row, he could no longer pretend.  No longer hide.  The others might be family to each other, were clearly friends with each other, but he was not included.  He had thought perhaps as his Team Leader, at least, that Larabee might have stopped by, or Buck, as Team Second.  Hed thought that he had formed at least a small bond with JD and Vin.  Hed fought Josiahs calling him son, but hed assumed it meant there was some small affection there.  Yet not even Nathan, as Team Medical Officer, had stopped in.  They each had a reason to come; none of them had.

       He didnt need constant coddling. He didnt expect them to put their collective lives on hold. But hed have thought that at least one of them would have come by, just for a moment or two, to acknowledge his medical incarceration, to commiserate or berate.  Hed hadnt hoped for it. Hed expected it.  Despite all the lessons of his life, all the slights from this group of men, hed still assumed.

      One final time.