Welcome to my fanfiction page. Along with my original Stargate stories, I've added links to a few other fandoms - most of these have been cowritten with devra and myself, although there are some which we've written singly. Below are links to Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, plus a crossover between the terminator stories and our Wayward Son, and third, our attempts to delve into Rob Thurman's Leandros universe. These have lots of Hurt/Comfort, Angst, and Smooshiness. Hope you enjoy!

Daniel. Damnit.    I'm dead anyway, get out of here!    I'm not leaving you. Do you believe in ghosts?     Ahhh...no    Neither do I. Which means there has to be a logical explanation. Why are you so quick to jump to the conclusion I'm crazy? I'm dangerous - I'm out of control? 'cause it's I'm kinda acting that way...right. Listen, ahhh, ummm   No no, sorry...you were    It's just that...ah...well, you know    Uh no, I know I know.   You know that I'd...    I know! It's obvious that something...    Something's wrong with us!   Well, there's nothing wrong with you.   What? Huh? Spacemonkey!

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Sarah Connor Chronicles

Crossover: Wayward Son and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles

Rob Thurman's Leandros Universe




Strangers A strange illness offworld masks many secrets. Originally published in Jmas's ezine 'Ancients Gate XVI, Against the Wind'

29 November 2008

Miracles Happen

Jack and Daniel are caught up in a seemingly impossible situation. Only a miracle can save them. Originally published in an Ancient's Gate Special called In Times Like These

10 August 2008

Dead End

Sometimes there's nowhere to run. Originally published in Jmas's ezine 'Ancients Gate XIV, Shadows'

18 May 2008

Cause and Effect

Co-written with Annie Booker, devra and Lyn Townsend A Little Daniel story. An opportunity arises for Daniel to change not only his past, but also his future. Originally published in Jmas's ezine 'Little Daniel II'

05 May 2008

No Pressure

SG1 fights to save some of their own. Originally published in Jmas's ezine 'No One gets Left Behind'

14 April 2008

Coming Home

One of two challenge fics - the title pretty much sums up the theme

08 December 2007

A Place to Call Home

One of two challenge fics - the title pretty much sums up the theme

08 December 2007

Deja Vu

Stuck in the body of a four year-old, Daniel tries to deal with the fact that his life has been turned upside down once again . Originally published in Jmas's ezine "Ancients Gate Little Daniel"

08 December 2007

Wayward Son

A *Teen Daniel* story that is not only AU, but takes place in a setting where Jack never becomes General, Daniel never ascended and Janet still remains part of the SGC.

03 November 2007


ASG1 becomes embroiled in a planetary revolution. But things aren't precisely what they seem. Originally published in Jmas's ezine "Ancients Gate XII, Landscapes"

15 September 2007


An alien artifact sends SG-1 on a desperate search for a missing team member. Originally published in Ashtonpress's zine "Redemption 7"

03 June 2007


The title says it all. Originally published in Yum@'s zine "Foundations 7"

03 June 2007


Little Daniel, friendly alien, smoosh and whump galore

12 March 2007


An unexpected attack leaves the team scrambling for their lives, and those of the inhabitants of the planet they were on

11 March 2007

The Poachers

SG-1 meet up with an old alien friend while trying to save their kind from poachers

14 January 2007

The Journey

An AU story set in the world of Tok'ra Flats, where Jack is the Sheriff and Daniel and the rest of the gang are his deputies.

24 September 2006


Daniel stands accused of brutal murder, but nothing is quite what it seems. Originally published in Jmas' Ezine Ancient's Gate VIII - Legends"

08 September 2006


Season 10 Spoiler: A tag to Morpheus

03 August 2006


A visit to another world is fraught with dangers as SG-1 undergo a mandatory test before they can help the natives discover the reason behind a variety of kidnappings. Their trial leads them to yet more mysteries, making them begin to doubt if what they're seeing is real. Originally published in Ashtonpress' zine "Redemption 6"

04 July 2006


Keeping Something Back

First Place Winner of Ancient Obsession's Challenge AND Winner of 2007 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best Daniel Angst A Challenge fic: Title - Daniel's Secret

10 June 2006


Be warned, this is kidfic in its purest form, and the type that doesn't have a proper start or an ending to it - Daniel starts off little, remains little and there is no magic reversal to turn him back into an adult.

03 June 2006

Extra Mile

A tag for Solitudes. Originally published in Yum@'s zine Fragments"

03 June 2006

Games People Play

A training exercise goes horribly wrong. Originally published in Yum@'s zine "Foundations 6"

03 June 2006

Phoenix Rising

Following an explosion, the team must not only find each other, but solve the riddle of how to find their way back home. Originally published in Jmas' Ezine Ancient's Gate VI - Gods and Men"

03 June 2006

It's About Time

A Little Daniel story, set between the episodes "Holiday" and "One False Step"

23 April 2006


Worlds Apart

Winner of 2006 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best AU Story. A mission goes awry; Daniel gets whumped, or should that be "Daniels" get whumped

11 February 2006

Building Blocks

A short episode tag on "Children of the Gods, written for the Our Stargate zine.

13 January 2006

The Vigil

A short episode tag for "Fire And Water." Daniel's back, but the team continues to need reassurance that he's really there. Originally published in the Alpha Gate 'Make it Write' ezine, published by Yadda Press.

11 November 2005

The Shunnen

Jack fears the worst and has an important decision to make regarding Daniel's life

23 October 2005


Based not long after 'Need', the team encounter a planet where the breathing air isn't always taking for granted.

02 October 2005


Jack and Daniel get caught up in a native fight to survive. While trying to stay alive and help the people, they are forced to fight a deadly foe... and each other... just to survive. Originally published in Jmas' Ezine Ancient's Gate II - Raising the Gate".

02 October 2005

Watching his Six

Co-written with DebA. After an unfortunate round of accidents at the SGC, Daniel's friends vow to get to the bottom of his bad luck. Could it really be true that Daniel's depression over the death of Sha're has resulted in suicidal behavior or is something else going on? Originally published in Ashtonpress' zine "Redemption 5".

03 July 2005

A Matter of Pride

An unexpected ally leads the team into danger. Originally published in Yum@'s zine "Foundations 5".

01 June 2005


A new planet with possible ties to ancient Minoan culture finds SG-1 in trouble once again and Daniel struggling to understand what they have done to offend the locals. Originally published in Ashtonpress' zine "Redemption 4".

04 April 2005


Daniel walks into an ambush

25 March 2005


Wings of Change

Winner of 2006 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best Ship AU storyAn AU fic, set in New York City early in Jack's career. Please read the warning at the start of the story-this is not my typical style

12 March 2005



Winner of 2007 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best Daniel H/C 1st person POV, Daniel wakes up and wonders who's the stranger taking care of him

23 January 2005

By the Light

The team run into trouble while trying to help a doomed people

28 November 2004


A Season 1 episode: Daniel works a little too hard

14 November 2004

Not Crazy

A tag to the episode "Legacy"

21 October 2004

Memory Recall

An alien toy causes problems for Daniel

17 September 2004


A rescue attempt goes wrong

26 August 2004

The Journal

A Father's Day fic

21 June 2004


A story from the early days of SG-1, Daniel is separated from his team and put through a test. Warnings: Body fluids galore

02 May 2004


The team is in quarantine

14 April 2004


SG-1, lost in space

02 April 2004

Bug in a Bottle

A different Point of View of what really happened

22 March 2004

The Lost One

Co-written with babs and devra An AU fic where Jack O'Neill has taken the job of Sheriff of Tok'ra Flats. Daniel Jackson, raised by Indians as a young child, is Jack's good friend and blood brother. Deputies Daniel, Sam and Teal'c help the Sheriff protect the small town from all sorts of nasty varmints like the Goold brothers

21 February 2004

New Tricks

An early mission, Hammond isn't quite sure what to make of Doctor Daniel Jackson

24 January 2004

Shadow Chasers

Trapped offworld, SG-1 is faced with terrified inhabitants who believe the visiting humans have brought demons to their world

29 December 2003

What's that Smell?

FNF Challenge No. 33 from the Alpha Gate

7 November 2003

The Hunted

Daniel is hunted offworld by a madman, can Jack find Daniel in time to save his life?

17 September 2003


SG1 is captured by aliens, and are forced to watch as Daniel is subjected to unknown tests

2 September 2003


Second Chances

Winner of 2004 Stargate SG-1 Fan Awards for Best AU fix and best Character-Focussed (Jack) story and 3rd place in the 2005 International Little Daniel List Award co-written with Darcy Through the Quantum Mirror once again, SG1 struggles to help change a young boy's life

3 July 2003

Broken Arrow

One drugged, one injured, Jack and Daniel attempt to make it to the Stargate before their team mates walk into an ambush

2 June 2003

Stuff that Jaffa are Made of

Daniel undergoes an ancient Jaffa ceremony

10 May 2003

The Sweater

A challenge by Ozy: What Daniel's cream coloured sweater means to him

19 Apr 2003

The Birthday Gift

A birthday fic... for my friend Lewiethecat

17 Apr 2003

Angels' Kisses

Daniel struggles to save Jack from a fall to the death

17 Mar 2003

Jack's and Daniel's POVs, Tag to "The Serpent's Lair"

What happened during the time Jack and Daniel reunited at the SGC

13 Mar 2003

Of Men and Trees

Follows "Torment of Tantalus", the team get into trouble

21 Feb 2003



Honorable Mention for Best Gen Angst at the 2003 Stargate SG-1 Fan Fiction Awards Follow this to Stargate's Virtual Season 6, where a mysterious relic endangers the lives of SG1 while bringing them together to a level they never expected.

18 Feb 2003

Sleepless in Chicago

Jack and Daniel visit Jack's parents

05 Jan 2003

Practicing Christmas

An angsty, H/C Christmas Story

21 Dec 2002


SG1 are transported inside a mountain, and can't get out

4 Dec 2002

Rough Landing

My version of Daniel's return in Season 7

4 Nov 2002

Family and Friends

On SG1's very first mission, Daniel doesn't like Teal'c very much

20 Nov 2002

With Friends Like You, Who Needs Enemies

Jack's old buddy joins the SGC

25 Oct 2002

We Have to Talk...

A tag to the episode "Menace"

20 Oct 2002

The Twilight Zone

SG1 gate to a planet which appears to be haunted

03 Oct 2002

To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

After returning from their mission in the episode Last Stand, Daniel falls ill

12 Sept 2002

Double Double, Toil and Trouble

SG1 meet a few 'friends'

04 Sept 2002

Silent Memories

After Daniel is rescued, he's unable to communicate

August 2002

The Lady's Blessing

When Daniel is turned into a young child, Jack decides to care for him

July 2002



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