Non-Sylum Fic: Alls Well That Ends Whale (CSI: Miami Silly Death Fic)


Title: Alls Well That Ends Whale
Author: Kathy/Lindsay M.
E-mail: Kathy
Fandom: CSI: Miami
Rating: Adult

Series/Sequel: Non-Sylum Silly Death Fic

Disclaimer:  All CSI: Miami characters belong to the people who created them and CBS. I’m just borrowing them to play with for a little while no money is exchanging hands.

Synopsis: Someone dies in an unusual way.


Silly death fics are like potato chips. Once you start you can't stop.  This one bit me on the ankle and when I wouldn't respond it jumped up and hit me between the eyes.




The lovers left their hotel room after deciding they wanted to do the Debora Kerr and Burt Lancaster beach love scene in "From Here to Eternity." They threw a blanket, couple of towels down and added their clothes to the pile.  Then they ran to where the waves were breaking on the shore line dropped to the sand and started to row around as the waves crashed over them.




Horaito stopped walking across the beach for a moment to look at the crowd that was gathered behind the yellow police tape, before continuing to meet with his team who were looking at a beached whale. “Why were we called for this?”


“As you know for the past couple of weeks whales have been beaching themselves during the night and good intentioned whale watchers have been trying to either get them back in the water or keep them wet until the aquarium could help rescue them” Speed told him. “Just this time one of them found more than just a beached whale.” leading him to the other side of the whale where what appeared to be a female arm could be seen sticking out from under it.


Alexx walked over to join them “Any idea of how long it will be before the whale is removed?


“Actually here’s the aquarium now.” Speed pointed out.


A couple of hours later as the team watched the aquarium move the whale from the body, “Now that is down right disgusting.” Eric said about the sight that greeted them.



Back at the morgue Alexx told the gathered team the cause of death for the two bodies on the metal tables. “They both were crushed by the whale when it beached its self as they made out.”


Frank just shook his head, “I have to agree with Eric, the thought of the two of them making out is down right disgusting.”


“We’ll have to go visit that poor whale at the aquarium and make sure it didn’t get hurt when it landed on them.” smirked Ryan.


The rest of the team agreed as Alexx covered the bodies of Stetler and Boa Vista with sheets.