K. Ryn's Ts-fiction of the Sentinel Panther
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General Stand-Alone Fiction

Judgments    [Part 1 (169 K)] [Part 2 (169 K)]

    Jim and Blair become the target of a group of murderous young men who play cat and mouse with the detective and the anthropologist in the Nevada desert. Formerly published in Sentry Post #3.

False Mirrors   [Part 1 (191 K)] [Part 2 (180 K)] [Part 3 (175 K)]

    Jim is having strange nightmares while investigating a series of gruesome murders.

Calling the Beasts   [Full Story (177 K)]

    Blair's in trouble again and this time he's not alone. When a ruthless thief targets a museum exhibit for its priceless artifacts, Blair and a group of elementary school children become unwilling participants in his plan. While Jim and the rest of Major Crimes race to the rescue, the fledgling Shaman spins an ancient tale of adventure in a desperate attempt to save all of their lives.

Smoke and Mirrors   [Part 1 (201 K)] [Part 2 (160 K)]

    Will a grisly arson and murder case spell the end of Jim and Blair's partnership?

Testing the Differences   [Full Story (33 K)]

    A spur of the moment test reveals some interesting truths.

Out of Harm's Way   [Full Story (163 K)]

    When Jim flies to Denver on a prison extradition, leaving Blair safely tucked away in the loft working on a paper for one of his University classes, no one expects trouble to come calling.

Endurance   [Full Story (43 K)]

    The detectives of Major Crimes take on a challenge—keeping up with Blair Sandburg.

Death Song   [Full Story (148 K)]

    Not a death story! Spontaneously combusting lighters, lethal steak knives, exploding gas stoves... someone's attacking those closest to the Sentinel.

Who Shall Guard the Guardians Themselves?
             [Part 1 (161 K)] [Part 2 (154 K)]

    A frantic search for a busload of missing children pits the Sentinel and his Guide against an adversary with a deadly agenda of his own.

Set-Up   [Full Story (124 K)]

    Jim's arrested for drug trafficking and murder. The murder victim? Blair Sandburg.

Wired   [Full Story (64 K)]

    Another GuidePosts Archive's In-the-Woods Challenge, this time with a twist.

The Gift   [Full Story (36 K)]

    Blair comes up with the perfect gift for a sensory-stressed Sentinel. GuidePosts Archive's In-the-Woods Challenge.

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Zine-Published Fiction
(Unfortunately, These zines are no longer available...)

Judgments   [The Sentry Post #3]

    Jim and Blair become the target of a group of murderous young men who play cat and mouse with the detective and the anthropologist in the Nevada desert. THIS IS ALSO AVAILABLE ONLINE (See Above)

Dark Sentinel   [The Sentry Post #4]

    Blair finds himself the captive of another sentinel and Jim is determined to get his Guide back.

Ellison's Shadow   [The Sentry Post #5]

    A series of four stories chronicling Jim and Blair's developing friendship.

Sensory Semantics   [The Sentry Post #6]

    Jim lies severely injured in a backwater hospital and Blair is missing. Simon must find the missing police observer and all he has to go on is a cryptic message supplied by Jim.

A Collection of K. Ryn's Best   [The Sentry Post Special Edition]

    This zine is a collection of several of K. Ryn's net fic. THESE ARE ALL AVAILABLE ONLINE (Above)

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