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Genius Has Its Limits

John thinks Rodney does something stupid. 

The Sheppard Of Atlantis

Sheppard? Shepherd? John has amnesia. 

The Gift Of Music

A gift spurned?

Planet Maize

An 'easy mission gone bad' story.

Things That Hate John Sheppard

It started out well, but then he got up.

Curious Life

It was very different after the Alterans left.

Going Home

The team and toddler Torren on a mission. Rodney's observations prove quite useful.

No Relief In Waking

A sleepover mission for the team that goes awry for one member.

Going Home 2

After the mission. (Part 1: The team and toddler Torren on a mission.)


Soldiering On

"I'm not a soldier!" Rodney's POV.



Colonel Sheppard didn't call many people “friend”, not out loud, but everyone knew where they stood with John.
Kusinagi's Hammer

SGA-1 plus one on a science mission with difficulties.

Something fails to work as expected and danger ensues.

For Want Of A GDO

Rodney needs to get home. Everyone's waiting on him.
It's About Time

Finally! A Zpm is found. A story of the awakening of the Atlantis AI

The Wrong Stuff

Arrival of a know-it-all Major-Doctor (or is that Doctor-Major? Oops, I'm quoting O'Neill from SG1.). Arrogant OC's, milk runs that aren't, and some snark.


There's a steep learning curve and mistakes are sometimes made.


Teyla Emmagan of Atlantis

The story of Atlantis, but in many ways the Expedition is much luckier this time around. (Because I want it that way.)


We Lived

The team are on route to find out why Atlantis kept getting updates about a star system.


Night Watch

Just a snippet of an AU where the Wraith weren't woken early. Atlantis was lonely.


Nanite Entanglement

They had no idea what effect this mission would have.

Atlantis, I'm Here

Her need was great and she didn't care how she won her way home.