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Dark, Darker, Darkest

Blair. An elevator. Darkness.

To Be

Blair's dying thoughts at the fountain.

Yankee Lima Sierra

Jim's PoV. Jim is remembering as he struggles to survive.

As It Should Be

Part 1. TBbBS resolution. Part 2. Ten years later.

Five Moments In Time

Really tiny snippet (drabble?). Contains some of my favorite quotes from the show. So there are lots of spoilers for something so short. List at the bottom.

Full Circle

A scene that takes place after Blair and Jim leave the bullpen, at the end of TSbBS.

A Little Thing

Simon has something for Blair. Simon's POV. Takes place just after 'Sentinel Too'.

Echoes Of A Gunshot

Angst for both. Concerns an event during TSbBS. Major spoilers.


It's a sequel to 'Secret'. Blair's thoughts are interspersed throughout the story. Takes place after TSbBS and Blair is a cop.

Encounter With Mr B

Camping after TSbBS.


I hope this gets a laugh. Or a chuckle. At least a little smile.

Night Train Epilogue

Complete here in two parts. 1. The morning after the cold medicine. 2. Several weeks later, a truth is told.

Ouros Project

My really evil, wicked, nasty ... and twisted ... continuation of 'Spare
Parts' and 'TSbBS'. Complete in two parts. Part 1 is Naomi's POV. Part 2 is
Jim's POV. I tried not to contradict canon. I hope I succeeded.


Multiple traumas have Blair coping badly.

Prisoner X - A Sequel

This takes place after TSbBS. Blair is a cop, and Starkville Prison is far from
their memories.

Turning Point

Maybe Blair had lots of anger. After TSbBS and Blair is a cop.

Verge Of Change

Blair's thoughts and a short conversation during a missing scene for TSbBS.


Was the press conference enough? AU ending for TSbBS. 

Bedtime Stories

Missing scenes and epilogues unfold 'loosely' as “Bedtime Stories”. They are from various POV's in chronological order by tv episode.

Love Is...

What love is, and what it isn't. This is NOT a mushy love story. Sorry!

Sense Of Wonder

Jim has regrets. Blair tells why the senses are a gift.

Siege Epilogue

Very early in the partnership. Set directly after Siege.

 Visiting  Hours

Duty and regrets.


Run, Naomi, Run

Naomi deals with many regrets.


There's the occurrence of a tiny little mini zone. It's too small to be noticed. Really. (:

A Bedtime Story

Future story.

Ancient History

The Guide is seeking his destiny.

An Entry In Jim Ellison's Journal

I think the title says enough!

A Time To Heal

Bad times for Jim and Blair. Warning: Permanent bad things happen to them. Not graphic.


Well, it isn't about Jim and Blair dancing...


Jim's POV after a tough case concerning someone Blair knew.

Due Care

Blair needs just a little space. Jim gives it to him. Sometimes.


A chance meeting.

Fourteen Angels

Based on a lullaby from the opera 'Hansel and Gretel' by Engelbert Humperdinck written between 1890-1893. It contains the line “fourteen angels watch do keep”.

Quality Of Life

It's the journey. Definitely not a death story. A missing scene from my story “Fourteen Angels”, but can be read on it's own.

Grief And Going Forward

Sorry. It's a death story – but it's one of 'those' – you know, they're never really parted and they reunite in the hereafter.

Guide's Senses

Jim shouldn't have, but he was glad he did.


A phone call leads Blair to a series of shocking revelations from William. Which leads to a blow-up with Jim.


A very short piece. A memorial for a couple of very minor but important (to the sentinel and guide) characters.


A brief meeting and conversation.

Jim and the Captain

An early meeting between Jim and Simon.

Blair and the Captain

An early meeting - after Seige.

Simon Is Processing

Well, he asked!

The Christmas Song

Holiday story.

Bus Fare

Blair had bus fare.


Sentinels have a problem.

Just Another Christmas

A 'first Christmas together' story. 1. Jim's POV. 2. Blair's POV.

Black Magic Woman

Just a snippet. Jim's thoughts about Blair and Naomi, and memories. Spoilers for 'Spare Parts'.


Simon's POV again.

His Past

Blair got a call, then the story kept growing.

I Knew

A series of reflections by minor characters. There's a who's who list at the end.

Jingle Bells 2007

Hummm, lyrics.

Jingle Bells 2008


Family relationships can be twisted by love and pain, both for the family you're born with and the family you choose.

Kinship 2

Sequel to my story Kinship. I tried to address the issues begun in 'Kinship',
but this turned into something a little different. Problems of communication
plague families by birth, and families of choice.

Keeping Your Cool In The Christmas Season
Not Six

Sentinel weirdness lurks here. Not a typical crossover with Stargate.

Not A Chance

A chance meeting.


Jim's latest repressed memory hurts the guide. The guide needs to comfort the sentinel.

Old Friends And New

An old army buddy of Jim's shows up and they drag Blair along for some cold weather camping (brrrrrr).

On The Cusp

Simon thoughts ahead!


A hostage situation.

On Sunday - 1

Everything I've tried to write as a summary would spoil it. It's short but be
warned, it's not a happy story. There is a warning at the end, but as I said, I think it would spoil it, and it's not about Jim or Blair.

On Sunday - 2

Another mourner arrives late. Blair's POV.

Observer Observed

Why Blair lost his bounce, and how he got it back. Simon's POV.


A short, uneasy little piece, from Simon's POV.

Quondam Guide

They met years before.

The Road Not Taken

For Blair, luckily, a path not taken.

Replay Reversed

Jim angst mostly. An upsetting case and a touch of deja vu.


Very short. Jim's thoughts on a minor incident.


Simon is proud. Jim and Blair talk.

Sky Blue

Blame this on a list of hippie era baby names. In this, Blair's a cop now and a case intersects with his past, but it's not really a case story. It's about family and friendship.


After TSbBS. Blair's introspection on a cross country journey; his reunion with a friend, an original character; and a dark subject matter (see the beginning of End Notes if you want to know).

Simon Learned

of the three parts. They're now in correct order and together in one place.
Part 1: Prequel from Blair's POV.

Part 2: Enter the Simon Zone. Simon's POV. This part was the first part that I wrote and posted to SentinelAngst and Cascade Times. They asked for more, and I was able to write a prequel and a sequel (parts 1 and 3).

Part 3: Sequel from Simon's POV.

So Cold, So Wet

A close call. Set during the last season.

The Brotherhood

A case story! I'd never make detective. Story centered on Rainier.
Blair isn't a cop in this one.

Thanks, Chief

Purely smarm. No plot.

Two Way Communication

Blair talks and talks, and Jim comments in his own way.

The End

An accident. NOT a death story (at least not for any canon character).

Unidentified White Male

After TSbBS. Something bad has happened so this isn't a totally happy future. There are two warnings at the end if you need them.


Is valor a result of being in the right place at the wrong time, or is it
ingrained in one's character? How much can one person lose before he turns away from anything that promises closeness? No warnings. Rated PG for a word.

What We Don't Know

 I think I over-clichéd a bit, but there's a story in there (complete here in three parts). Tests ... MmmMmm.

Walking Wounded

Steven comes to 'visit'. Not all wounds leave visible scars.

Wake Up Call

Jim is dismayed. Blair thinks it's ridiculous. Simon has an idea. This really is serious.

Whither Thou Goest

I read a certain story a while ago (sorry, I don't remember title or author), and I remember thinking that I would have ended it differently even though the story was wonderful as it was. This is for Jaye's themefic on SentinelAngst.

What Came After

The PhD.

Zone's Potential

It's after TSbBS, but Blair is not a cop yet. They have another problem to resolve.

A Traveler's Story Catalyst

Another lesson to be learned.

The Letters

1.  Blair's got angst, and he's pretty harsh.  2.  So does Jim, but it's closer to the truth (in my humble opinion).  3.  Some people come up with a plan (all I can say about this one is that I was getting tired of all that angst, but I left it the way it was:).  Complete in three parts.   

Count Your Blessings

It's a Christmas story with Thanksgiving overtones. (A kind of Thanksgiving/Christmas crossover <g>. Happy Holidays!)


Blair, Blair, Blair. He had never liked guns, and today wasn't going to help with his aversion to them.

In His Own Right

A case out of the Blair's past causes chaos in his new career and doubt for his future.



AU since TSbBS kind-of-happened but didn't-really-happen, and wouldn't-have-happened if this had-happened.

To Love Him

Prequel to Coming Home. AU. Katie's and Carolyn's thoughts on the love of their life. Song fic. Death fic, but not for the guys.

Coming Home

AU. After separate tragedies, Blair comes back home to Cascade and meets Jim. Not a great summary but that's what happens.

Feral Sentinel - 1

AU. The consequences and responsibilities of ownership. Very dark. Very intense. Not a nice sentinel/guide story. I don't want you to read this with the wrong expectations. Lots of hurt, no comfort. This is not our Jim. Torture is described. You are warned.

Feral Sentinel - 2

AU. I never intended to write a sequel to my story 'Feral Sentinel' but Judy
Seils asked a good question, “I wonder if there is a penalty for abusing your guide thus?” Thanks for the feedback Judy.

James And Blair

AU. Complete in two parts. Another meeting. A stubborn sentinel meets a young guide that has no choice in the matter. Death of a minor character. This story takes a sharp turn to a fairy tale type ending.


AU future where Blair doesn't become a cop. Warning for profanity. Written as dues for SentinelAngst.


AU meeting. Very loose reworking of “The Debt”, so there are definitely
spoilers, also for “Murder 101”.

One Path

AU. What if destiny plays it's part a little differently and their paths merged
before they even met. Now for their future . . . it's not TSbBS.


AU. Everyone agreed. It was too late for them to meet.


AU. Unrequited Guide finally bonds with stubborn Sentinel.


AU after “Sentinel Too”. Simon's POV. Death story. Non-consensual bonding/partner betrayal (not graphic, only briefly described).

Uncle Blair

A hike in the woods. Future, AU.

The Clans

AU.  A different meeting, a different time, (a slightly different geography!) but 'our' Sentinel and Guide should always meet and share their lives, so they do here too.