EMAIL: Lunar


Cernunnos Holding On


Slash, canon character death, rating - R, Spoilers - Chimera, Heroes pts 1&2. Jack and Daniel deal with the aftermath of Janet's death.



Pre Slash: Jack/Daniel; Alternate ending to S5;

Spoilers: Divide and Conquer,

Summary - Daniel feels he has choice other than to leave SG-1 and the SGC


Joined In Life And Joined In Peace

Alternate ending/Beginning S5/6; NC-17 

Spoilers: Nemesis, Small Victories, The Other Side, Divide and Conquer, The Fifth Man, Menace, Meridian, Revelations

Summary - Sequel to Tejen. Jack goes after Daniel.

Author's note - The Joined are based on The Tomb of the Brothers found in Saqqara, Egypt.  The tomb is believed to be that of two brothers, Niankhkhnum and Khnumhotep, but has been claimed by some to be the tomb of lovers.  I have taken the basic premise of the tomb and some of the wall paintings but put my own interpretation on it to suit this story.