Evelyn’s Birthday


By Lyn




Happy Birthday, Evelyn. Hope you don’t mind me downsizing you for the story.


I have to admit to being a little concerned when Daniel storms into the house from school and doesn’t stop to raid the kitchen on his way up to his bedroom. The kid might be downsized and he still loves homework as much as he did his research when he was an adult… but he still has a sweet tooth and heaven help me if I don’t have something in the pantry for him to snack on when he comes home.


I give him a little time. Maybe something at school has upset him. While he’s mostly a kid, a part of him is still adult and he’s been having a hard time adjusting to being back in school with 6 year olds. When the aroma of freshly baked muffins - from the local bakery – no, I don’t bake - don’t draw him down to the kitchen, I have to investigate.


He’s sitting at his desk when I enter, hunched over a square of paper. “Hey, there’s muffins,” I announce,” chocolate chip.”


He nods but doesn’t move so I sit down beside him and check out the paper.




“Whatcha doing?” I ask. “Homework?” He shakes his head but doesn’t say a word. “Art project?  Need an idea?”


Again he shakes his head then gives an almighty sigh. “It’s Evelyn’s birthday.”


“Oh cool. Happy birthday, Evelyn… which one is Evelyn?”


“She’s been really nice to me and we’re friends. Thing is, I’ve only been at the school for a couple of weeks and all the kids are doing stuff for her birthday but I have no idea what she likes.”


“Okay, why don’t you draw her a picture of something you really like.”


He gives me a withering glare. “How will that work? I mean…”


“Hear me out,” I insist. “If it’s something you really like, then you’ll make it really great and trust me… she’ll love it. Really,” I add rather lamely. “Really.”


He gives me a doubtful expression but there’s a glimmer of interest in his eyes. “Ya think?”


Kid’s been living with me for too long. “I think,” I agree.


He nods. “Okay. Can you bring me a muffin?”


“Sure. Gotta feed the artist,” I quip but he’s already bent over his pencil case, poring over the crayons so I leave the maestro to his masterpiece and head downstairs for muffins and milk for the two of us.


The minute I walk back into Daniel’s bedroom, he holds up his birthday gift for Evelyn triumphantly.


“What do you think?” he asks.


It’s a very good rendering of the stargate, I have to admit, a little too good. “Umm, Evelyn’s a girl, right?”


Hmm-hmm,” he agrees, biting into his muffin. He rolls his eyes. “D’oh!”


“Maybe she’d like butterflies or something.”