EMAIL: Red Soprano


A Sentinel Tutorial

This snippet was written in response to a lively debate on one of the TS mailing lists a while back concerning the nature of Jim's senses and why they hadn't been discovered by physicians who had examined him in the past.

The UP 'N AT 'EM Fall Fantasy Cruise

I got to thinking, how would I handle the fall promotional campaign for a certain network who shall remain nameless, but whose initials are ... uh ... never mind. This is what I came up with. Please believe me when I say there is not a mean-spirited bone in my body. I wish the new shows all the luck in the world. I just ask that, if they're going to sink, get on with it and move on over. We have a guppy that needs drying out. Fast.


I almost called this one "How to Cool Off an Overheated Guppy."

Oh, To Be A Fly On The Wall

Jim buys a dress. Honest. Missing scene to "Sleeping Beauty".

How To Warm Up A Slightly Damp Guppy

Part 1, Part 2

A Sentinel Too, Part 1 epilogue. Blair's experience in the fountain comes back to him in a harrowing nightmare. Includes a look at the softer side of Simon.

JujuBe's And The Art Of Male Bonding

The title says it all.

Poor Homer

A scene from David Lash's childhood.

Saving Rufus

Drabbles are bits and pieces of scenes and are not meant to be a whole story.

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut

Blair mixes one too many home remedies together.


Somebody has a cold on New Year's.

Who You Gonna Call... When You're Butt's Hanging Out

A missing scene for Blind Man's Bluff.