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"Jim Dandy to the Rescue"

by Black Oak Arkansas


wmv version (12.7MB)              mpeg version (30.1MB)


 "Coffee Time"

by Carmen McRae 


wmv version (12.1MB)                 mpeg version (30.8MB)


"I'm a Writer not a Fighter" 

by Gilbert O'Sullivan


wmv version (15.9MB)          mpeg version (35.4MB)



by Abba 


wmv version (16.5MB)                 mpeg version (25.6MB)


 "Love Hurts"

by The Everly Brothers 


wmv version (26MB)                 mpeg version (27MB)




"Mr. Sandman" 

      by Dolly Parton, Linda Ronstadt, and Emmylou Harris


wmv version (8.6MB)            mpeg version (26.7MB)


    Just having some fun with RB's dancing


wmv version (14.9MB)            mpeg version (25.9MB)