By Lyn






Since the Wraith’s first culling, the elders had decreed that no strangers were to be trusted. These people though were surely different. They had brought with them food and medicines, seed for crops, all sorely needed since the harsh winter had left many of her people sick and starving.


She watched as her little brother, Seth, pranced around the strange flying machine, trying to capture the attention of the man who was loading supplies onto his broad shoulders. Seth showed no fear of the strangers. He could not remember the culling; he had been but a babe when their parents had been taken.


Huddling around the corner of their hut, she flinched when the man reached a hand out toward Seth, but instead of the expected blow, he merely ruffled Seth’s blond hair and chuckled in a deep rumble. He crouched down and said something to Seth but she was too far away to hear his words. Seth pointed suddenly in her direction and she ducked back quickly, hesitant of being seen, but then her innate curiosity won out and she forced herself to move forward to greet their new friends and saviors.