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A police consultant turns out to have a shared, and unpleasant, past history with Blair.

Crossover Frenzy

Source material:  See if you can recognize 'em.  If you want to make sure you're right, they're listed at the end.  This is just a silly fun idea that I couldn't get to leave me alone.  It kept me awake.  Can't have that.


Just plain silliness..

Doom! Doom! Doom!

Blair has an exceptionally bad day. 

Driver's Ed

An Expedition moment...


And the best looking professor is...

Friend Jack

This really is pretty much a silly little tale of a snow-bound weekend, and a bottle of Jack Daniels, but hey, we can't have crooks all the time.

History In Sepia

Jim and Blair contemplate their very different childhoods.

Identity Crisis

The charming idea in this story is not mine, much as I would like to claim it.  I lifted it from the X-Files, and thank them for allowing me to borrow it, even if they don't realize I've used it.  Thanks guys!

Just Another Friday Night

No bad guys, but there is rain...a bad date...maybe some food.


I have mixed feelings about Cassie.  I didn't much like the character but I did feel sorry for her sometimes.  It seemed to me she didn't so much bond with Jim and Blair (as Megan would later do) but that she helped Jim and Blair to bond with each other.  Cassie seemed to play the role of the outsider.  Not sure that's what the writers intended, but it's what I got - or made up.

Mass Distraction

The packrat in its natural habitat.

Money Talks

This was in response to a challenge to write a story about Henri and Rafe.  The characters appealed to me and I wanted to see what they'd say to each other.  Slight mention of Jim, Simon, and Blair.  (I just couldn't get them to leave the room).

Night Ramblings

An early relationship story.

The Other Jungle

The really odd thing about this story is that it was written in the Expedition Days, before I saw Red Ice, or S2, both episodes dealing with the threat of other sentinels with either real or artificial powers. 

Tactical Exercises

Simon tries to give Ellison some advice to make his life easier.  Simon's, that is.

Turkey Over Easy

Happy Thanksgiving!  Yes, it's that kind of story.  This was written in response to a list challenge.

Virtual Aggression

I admit it.  I used to play Doom till the wee hours of the morning.  I sort of still do, but with different games. 

Voice Over

Rhonda inconveniences everyone by being rude enough to take a vacation...

Wild Ride 1A

An early Jim and Blair adventure story.  Some of my favorite episodes are the very first ones when they are doing this odd dance around each other trying to figure out just how weird that other guy is...

April Fooled or It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

This was inspired by April Fool's Day and a trick I picked up from watching ZDTV.  Blair plays an April Fool's joke on the wrong person.

Shaping Up

An answer to a request for a 'Blair drops in his tracks' story....


Something strange is happening at the loft - Jim and Blair are the victims of an unseen, and uninvited guest.





Boys Night Out

I made liberal use of Becky's lovely transcripts - thanks Becky!  Hope everyone enjoys it, and can recognize where the story goes - (I could put in spoiler space but that would give away the ending.

Broken Glass

Simon's take on the events in 'Night Shift' and 'Sentinel Too.'  A little more serious than usual but I still find working with Simon quite interesting.  I hope he feels the same way. 

Broken Glass - Revisited

I believe it was Jen who said I had to do an ‘after.’  So this is it, yet another S2 from Simon's point of view.  Hope everyone enjoys this one and feedback, as always, is welcome.  No original characters here, just our favorites, happily co-operating.  Or at least, co-operating, happy or not.  See if I care.

Cypher Within Cypher

Simon's vision of the events in Cypher...

Darkness Repeated

A post 'Blind Man's Bluff' story.  What if one bad experience with Golden is enough to cause flashbacks?


This story was previously published in a fanzine, Volume 1 of the Sentry Post. Episode tag for The Debt.


Yet another story about what might have happened the first night Blair moved in with Jim.

False Start

This is a missing scene from Switchman...

Forward Movement

This was the result of a challenge given by Little Calamity about getting into Jim's head on the subject of TSbBS.  I couldn't get it out of my mind, and it's been nice keeping company with Mr. Ellison the last week or so.  Thanks for the idea. **indicate Jim thoughts arguing with - well, Jim's thoughts.

The Morning After

A bit of fluff after Cassie's first date in Cascade with Jim and Blair.


This is what I call one of my 'Simon stories.'  It is in fact, my first one.  When I started writing The Sentinel, I found that using Simon's voice was a way to 'watch' Ellison and Sandburg interact.  I liked Simon's gruff and caring attitude, and Bruce A. Young's portrayal of him was always pitch perfect.  This is Simon's take on 'Survival.'

Not Enough Wrong Answers

Thoughts on why Jim seemed a little less than grateful for the white noise device...

The Other Side Of The Fountain

A 'Blair on the other side' kind of story for Sentinel Too. 

The Ride Home

Aftermath: (a follow-up scene from Prisoner X)

Second Secret

This is Simon, once again, rattling about in his own brain for some kind of understanding on the continuing adventures of Jim and Blair. For anybody who hasn't read one of these, Simon picked up this habit of writing in a journal due to some advice he got from a marriage counselor about putting his thoughts down.  Apparently Jim and Blair are driving him to deep thoughts.


Part 1

Jim considers how things have changed since the events in 'Warriors.'

Part 2

This time it's Blair's take on what happened in 'Warriors.'

Signal To Noise

Published by Agent with Style.  Apparently that 'Mirror Image' episode and watching too much HGTV just wouldn't let me forget that Jim needed to redo the loft.

Slam Dunk

This is a missing scene from 'Three Point Shot.'   This is an idea of what might have happened when Ellison stormed out of the break room with 'damage control' on his mind.

The South American Flu

I had originally seen this as much funnier, but after multiple viewings of 'Second Chance,' the episode seemed a little melancholy, and it spilled over into the story.  I tried to keep my general annoyance with Maya down to a manageable level, but I'm not sure I succeeded. 

Oddly enough, I may finally have managed some angst.


Third Party

Put the fantasy scene down to having seen Veronica's Closet.  Cassie's suspicions after TSbBS. Screaming and/or rending of garments at my choice of mouthpiece tolerated and understood. 

The Third Voice

Public reaction to Blair's press conference in TSbBS.  A few famous names you may recognize.

Those Traveling Blues

A post 'Night Train' story. 

Thought Lines

What happened in the jungle after Sentinel Too?


A 'Crossroads' story from Simon and Blair's point of view.

Vendetta - The Other Shoe



More Prisoner X. Jim just isn't Jim any more - and Blair doesn't know how to bring him back...


David Lash is dead, and the case is closed. But Sandburg can't seem to get over it, and Jim isn't doing much better...

BMB: The Time It Takes To Blink

A Simon story.  This is an add-on scene to 'Blind Man's Bluff.'


Locked away in a mental hospital, a confused Alex tries to figure out just what went wrong when she clashed with a certain sentinel and guide. Especially when she was so sure she had control of the situation...

Siege And A Half

Major Crimes is a madhouse after Kincaid's men are rounded up, and Ellison gets an earful about what Blair did. And where is that pesky anthropologist anyway?

Spoken Out Loud

S2 missing scene. While waiting by Sandburg's hospital bed, Simon foregoes the journal and opts for a lecture.