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Solitudes Lyn  Epilogue for Crossroads Crossroads stories 
The Choices we Make Arianna  This story begins immediately upon the episode 'Crossroads'…and ends post-TSbyBS. Crossroads stories 
Gone Fishin'  Arianna  Epilogue for Crossroads Crossroads stories 
Standing at the Crossroads  Sorcha  Follow-on scene to Crossroads. Blair thinks that Jim wants him to move out, and Jim has to convince him otherwise. Crossroads stories 
Trigger  Demeter  Epilogue for Crossroads Crossroads stories 
To Have and to Hold Annie  Sequel to The Reason For It All Fic announcement 
Endureth for the Night Jet and Megared  Jim finds it difficult to deal with the day's events on the job Choking stories 
To Hurt and to Heal Becky  An epilogue dealing with Jim's decision to go on vacation by himself with no warning and what the consequences could be. Spoilers for Crossroads. Crossroads stories 
Comfort for the Soul Annie  Blair decides he and Jim need their own space.  Fic announcement 
The Motel Elaine H. An icy night leads to revelations about the Ellison-Sandburg partnership to Simon.  URL request 
Crash and Burn Audrey Lynne  Set post-TSbyBS. Carolyn returns to Cascade seeking Jim's help, but the one most in need of help might just be his own partner. Blair is a cop and is depressed 
Shadowlands Arianna  Blair leads some students on an expedition. Everything goes well until some terrorists turn up. Blair takes grad students to Bali 
Maternal Instincts  Autumn Skies  An AU in which Grace Ellison encounters a special toddler during the summer of 1971. Good Naomi 
Out of Bounds  SunnyD_Lite  Jim isn't the only one with secrets.
Good Naomi 
Hunted  Rimilod  What would it take for Blair to use his knowledge of sentinels against Jim? Good Naomi 
Two Beds and  Coffee Machine  Banshee We find out a little more about Naomi and Blair's past
Good Naomi 
Happy Birthday Blair  TW Lewis  Just a little drabble about birthday traditions. Good Naomi 
Waiting  Lemon Drop  Life is like nothing, because it is everything. (William Golding). Good Naomi 
Kindergarten Blues Romanse   ? Good Naomi 
Steps K-Lyn  Jim and Blair meet in a very different way Good Naomi 
How Can I Not...? Debbie T  When a stranger calls Blair at the police station, it starts him on a journey that will change his life and answer a question he's always wondered about. Good Naomi 
Surprise Revelation Deppie Tripp  Jim and Naomi keep their relationship from Blair with near-tragic results. Good Naomi
A Time of Change Debbie Blair is intimidated by some older boys, but finally decides to do something about it.
Good Naomi 
A Budding Star Debbie  Six year old Blair Sandburg is given an important job at school and he's excited to tell his mom about it.
Good Naomi 
Least Popular Wildnight  This is a Blair and Naomi story and Blair is 14 years old in the story. Naomi starts to wonder why her son has become so withdrawn. Good Naomi 
Now It's Final  Wildnight  This is a DEATH STORY! Death of a major character! When Blair is caught up in an explosion, a realization is made and a mother and a partner must let go. Good Naomi 
Inner Demon Dawn C Crossover with SG-1 SG-1 crossover 
Time Gate series Fidus Amicus  In a future world where guides are owned by sentinels, the small but fierce Freedom group is fighting the Confederate for equality. Their plan is to send a sentinel and guide team back in time to change the outcome of the war. An AU series inspired by the old Time Tunnel television show. Just as each episode ended in a cliffhanger, so will each of these stories.   Carolyn is Jim's guide 
Silver and Black series Susan Foster   ? Blair is a vampire 
Reflections on the Human Condition Carolyn Three distinct points of view tell the story of a tragic event that begins with a misunderstanding and may mean doom for the Sentinel, his Guide and their captain. Each segment explores the depth of a single emotion as the story progresses and each man deals with the repercussions of a case gone terribly wrong Fic recommendation 
Jim's Theory  Jellyblays  Death fic Fic announcement 
The Wizard and the Sentinel Meanthis and Lime-chan  Sirius Black is in Cascade and naturally Jim is trying to catch the killer. But how does Blair know Black and why is he helping him?
Harry Potter crossover 
Sentinel at Hogwarts series Meanthis and Lime-chan  An owl with a letter, an invitation and the question how to explain a Sentinel in Hogwarts... Harry Potter crossover 
Karma  Bluewolf  After an incarnation in the eighteenth century, the story shifts to become a rewrite of Sentinel Too; with some missing scenes and slightly different development.   Fic announcement
The Old West  Arianna  AU situated in the Old West. Shaman Blair 
Following the Wolf  Susan L Williams  Shaman Blair 
Confiscated  Shedoc  Relations between Sentinel and Guide are strained and help comes from an unexpected source. Shaman Blair 
The Squirrel Universe  Dolimir   ? Shaman Blair 
Primary Focus

Movers and Shakers

A Different Way of Seeing
LRH Balzer  Sequel to Sentinel, Too. Shaman Blair 
The Longest Journey Begins  Shedoc  The longest journey begins with a single step. Shaman Blair 
Chasing Rainbows  Panik  Blair is lost in a far-distant place, apparently beyond Jim's reach - but that won't stop him trying to reach him, and bring him home.
Shaman Blair 
The Heart Hath its Reasons  Merry  In which the Major Crime department raises bickering to an art form, and events of a dire nature are visited upon just about everybody. Kind of my tribute to Lee Brackett, who does not, in fact, appear in this story at all. Shaman Blair 
In Plain Sight  Arianna  I thought I had TSbyBS options worked out of my system, but apparently not. This story takes Blair down a different path… Shaman Blair 
Fear Based Responses DawnC 

We just don't have enough "Sentinel Too" epilogues, so here's another one *grin* Heavy smarm and angst, minor "owies. 

Blair gets angry
Kith or KinFluterbevSomeone who knows about sentinels is committing crimes in Cascade. As Ellison works to solve the case, a conspiracy comes to light which threatens to end his partnership with Sandburg foreverBlair uses his knowledge agains Jim
Runaway TrainJess RileyBlair makes a decision that causes his relationship with Jim to speed out of control like a runaway train. Can the damage be repaired before they both crash and burn? Blair uses his knowledge against Jim
MercyMpalaAfter the events of TSbBS, the lives of sentinel and guide take another unexpected turn. Blair uses his knowledge against Jim
Wages of SinDanaeAfter the events of TSbBS, the lives of sentinel and guide take another unexpected turn. Blair gets angry
Rewards of VirtueDanaeThe nightmare is not over. Crossover with my original characters from the Agency. Again, call this AU to be safe. I don't really know what it is. Spoilers of S2 and TSbyBS.Blair gets angry
Enough, Already!AriannaMissing scene for Murder 101 - Jim hits Blair intentionally…and Blair hits him backBlair gets angry
Weight of Darkness, Power of LightRatherSpoilers for Sentinel Too, I & II, obviously, and I don't know what all else. No telling. The story picks up right where S2 left off. And then goes the direction I wish that things had gone.Blair gets angry