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Requested Theme

Dark Guide Series

Susan Foster

In the mists of time, a Sentinel and an Assassin Guide meet, and form a bond that is going to challenge the most powerful war lords.

AU.  Dark fic.  Blair is a guide in a temple, Jim is an unbonded sentinel...WAYBACK link provided.

3 Way Mirror

Anne Roguemore and

Sue Pokorny

Following the events of Sentinel Too, Jim and Blair get a visit from a concerned friend who helps them gain perspective on a puzzling case as well as their own relationship.

SenToo.  Mystical/Shamanism.

Soul Eaters

Anne Roguemore and

Sue Pokorny

After the events of Blind Man's Bluff, Jim and Blair go on a vacation in the Northern Cascades; only, as usual, the vacation doesn't go as planned and Blair suddenly finds himself the only person able to save Jim's life…and soul.


Where We Love


When a case takes a bad turn, Jim takes a wrong turn and Blair wants to turn back. But, has a burned out Cascade cop reached the point of no return?

Mystical.  One of the guys falls in love.

To Serve And Protect


Blair and Daryl are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Blair arrested.  Jim has to come find him....WAYBACK link provided.

Carikube’s Nest


Website Link.

LF URL...WAYBACK link provided.



In a world where Sentinels and Guides are known, a Sentinel finds his one true Guide. Of course, nothing is ever that simple!

AU.  Megan is Blair’s shield.

Murder And Old Lace


Jim gets a new murder investigation, death by knitting needle.

Could have been an episode story.



Different incarnations of a Guide through history.

Based on the song by Willie Nelson.

If Wishes and its sequel

Suffer Not the Witch

Mary Shadinger

Fifteen year old James Ellison is sent to Crystal Falls Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane for the brutal murder of his mother.

AU.  Jim is accused of murdering his mother...WAYBACK link provided.

Crossover with The A Team.

Ships That Pass In The Night

Susan Foster

Blair meets his Holy Grail.

AU...WAYBACK link provided.

A Part of Me Series

Jess Riley

A Sentinel's life is changed forever with the unexpected arrival of his Guide.

AU.  Baby Blair.

The Baby Blair Series

Denise James

A collection of stories where Blair is a young child and Jim is his father.

AU.  Baby Blair.

More Phene


Blair is shot and has an unusual reaction to morphine. Jim has problems of his own as he is unable to shake a recurring dream.

Jim shoots Blair.