Gen Archive February 2009




The Guide Pack Series Mary Sentinels and Guides are known.  Jim and Blair work with Guide Packs. Looking for Enforcer Guide Series
How Can I Not? Debbie T. When a stranger calls Blair at the police station, it starts him on a journey that will change his life and answer a question he's always wondered about. Looking for Blair's dad fics.
Birthright Series Rimilod Will learning the identity of Blair's father change everything between Blair and Jim? Looking for Blair's dad fics.
Kith or Kin? Fluterbev Someone who knows about sentinels is committing crimes in Cascade. As Ellison works to solve the case, a conspiracy comes to light which threatens to end his partnership with Sandburg forever. Looking for Blair's dad fics.
A New Alliance (sequel to A New Direction) Nadine Magnificent Seven Crossover.  Jim and Blair team up with another Sentinel/Guide pair. Jim and Blair discover a slave camp in the woods and attempt a rescue.
For the Benefit of All Dreamweaver The annual police benefit show is approaching, and it’s up to Major Crimes’ newest detective to see that the department does well. The MC Gang do a version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears and The Three Little Pigs.
What Can I Say? (sequel What Can I Say Second Verse) Shedoc Another unusual talent from Blair. Blair plays the piano.
Things That Go Bump in the Daytime Roo Jim is injured and released from the hospital, but later develops critical problems. Jim is injured.
Weight of Darkness, Power of Light Rather After Blair gets home from Sierra Madre, he finds out that his diss is invalidated because Jim read the first chapter in Night Shift. He decides to research another sentinel. Post Night Shift stories.
Family Fair Series Jayed A series of stories about a new Sentinel and Guide pair in a world that accepts them. URL request.
Think Outside the Box Jael Lyn Jim's a little burned out, and Simon sends the partners out of town, hoping to give them a break. Jim and Blair need some time off.