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Has-Beens and Wannabes


Post TSbyBS, Blair has become a cop but he and Jim are assigned the Cold Case Squad to keep them out of public view, until circumstances force them back into the spotlight.

Blairís Cop Of The Year.

Rookie Of The Year


Wonder who's getting that award?

Blairís Rookie Of The Year.

Proper Perspective


When a difficult case is assigned to a joint task force, a Homicide cop with a chip on his shoulder challenges Blair to prove himself.

Problems with IA.



Something's wrong with Jim, and Blair's at a loss to explain why. Can he figure it out before it's too late?

Problems with IA.

Meant To Be


Blair thinks Jim doesn't need him anymore.  Jim thinks Blair doesn't want to be his partner.  They both learn that some things are just meant to be.

Problems with IA.

Excessive Force and its sequel

Itís Only A Year

Jael Lyn

A teenager lies dead - was the shooting justified or was it panic?

Problems with IA.

Our Unconquerable Soul


A defining moment in the Sentinel/Guide relationship.

Injured Blair.Horror.

Crossover with Poltergeist: The Legacy

At The Thought Of You and its sequel Tíwas The Day Before Christmas


Blair takes a knock to the head while witnessing a crime.

Amnesia fic...WAYBACK link provided.


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Anne Murdock

The boys and their families get together to celebrate Jim's 100th birthday.

Retirement fic.

Anonymeekís Sentinel Site


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