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Gen Archive January 2002


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Convergence Mackie Epilogue for TGND. Post TGND fics.
Connections LindaS Epilogue to TGND. Post TGND fics.
Mugshot Of An Archeologist DawnC A short missing scene from "The Girl Next Door," when Blair gets arrested. A touch of angst. A touch of humor.   Post TGND fics
Dealing Ismaro When Blair is arrested for drug smuggling, will the tragic consequences tear apart Sentinel and Guide? An alternative ending to The Girl Next Door. Post TGND fics.
Vengeance CarolROI After reading "Dealing" by Ismaro, my muse screamed it needed a followup to resolve all those unanswered questions. This is my attempt to solve the situation. Post TGND fics.
Just Retribution Chrys In the aftermath of the events in The Girl Next Door, Jim and Blair struggle to come to terms with what happened. Post TGND fics
The Motel ElaineH An icy night leads to revelations about the Ellison-Sandburg partnership to Simon. Jim, Blair and Simon share a motel room.
Kalabar/Cintoban Series Marlene A Becker Ever wonder how Blair seems to instinctively know exactly what to do to help out his Sentinel? Blair sees writing on wall at a crime scene that no one else can see.
Bait Series Kikkimax Blair and Rafe go undercover in a gay bar to catch a killer, but the bait may be just a little too strong.  Blind Blair used as a decoy.
Samaritan Donna Gentry Early first season. Sentinel and Guide take a tentative step toward friendship. URL Request.
To Serve and Protect Quiltaday


URL Request.
Carikube Carikube


URL Request.
Clinging To The Wheel Dasha Warning: Death story . . . but as usual, nobody is actually dead at the end of it. Fic Rec.
The Iceman Returneth MegaRed Zeller returns with evil in mind. Iceman missing scenes or epilogues.
Adrenaline Rush Lorelie Someone from Blair's past poisons him. Can Jim and the rest of Major Crimes find the antidote before it's too late? Blair passes out while playing basketball.
For The Good Of The One DawnC A story of tribulation, sacrifice and friendship. Jim and Blair locked in airtight chamber.
Twenty Four Hours Sealie


Sick Blair.
Driving Rain Linda3 Jim and Blair first meet when Jim picks up a hitchhiking college student while driving back to Cascade during a severe rain storm. Sick Blair.
Lean On Me Linda3 As Jim tries to help Blair through a devastating personal crisis he begins to realize how much the young grad student has come to mean to him. Naomi death stories.
Trials Of Life Series slery Has Blair finally come to the one tragedy he can't bounce back from? Naomi death stories.