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Title Author Summary Requested Theme
Rebel Rebel Rebel's TS fic URL Request.
Let Me Tell You Who I Am Roslyn Simon was highly amused by the results but I wondered how amused he would be if the workshop leader refused to let the disruptive duo actually attend her workshop. The result was the survey that Simon might fill out if he was the one who had to go in their place. Simon fills out a survey.
Whose Job Now? JustJeanette Jim and Blair fill in another survey Sequel to Roslyn's fic Let Me Tell You Who I Am
Checklist Johanna Fally Jim gets sick and Blair gets himself kidnapped. Again. Blair gets kidnapped and as the bad guys goes on
about his evil plan, Blair is not at all interested.
A Simple Gift Jael Lyn When Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg parted, neither man had an easy time picking up the pieces. Can they each build a better life, or has time run out? Blair becomes a cop, then has a falling out with Jim and leaves. Three years later he's in Chile when Joel comes to get him because Jim is in the hospital.
Blame Game Jael Lyn A series of murders leaves Major Crime with more questions than answers. Blair needs to buy a car and is doing research on various options.
Therapy For The Soul Lyn Blair's drowning at the fountain exacts a terrible cost, and in the aftermath, Jim and Blair each get a chance to walk in the other man's shoes. URL Request.
Letters Series Starwatcher Jim writes an un-mailable letter. Post TSbyBS. Blair leaves.
Delayed Impact Arianna Hope suggested that perhaps Blair had been hurt more badly than he let on after falling into ?the dig in Breaking Ground, and asked for an epilogue that would explore such a scenario. Blair in hospital, Jim feels guilty.
Four Years Gil Hale He’d had four long years of not thinking about Jim, of not remembering being a reject as a guide and a friend and even as someone to trust. Blair gets pissed with Jim and leaves.
Two Way Street Lyn Jim's anger over a case almost costs him his guide. Blair in hospital, Jim feels guilty.
Out Of Debt Donna Gentry Coda for The Debt. Blair seeks a solution to his housing problems. Blair in the hospital.
Twenty-Four Hours Sealie


Blair in the hospital.
Priorities Sandra McDonald A hospital bombing separates Jim from a wounded Blair and sends the Sentinel on a desperate search. Blair in the hospital.
Guilt Trip Dreamweaver Survival epilogue. Blair in the hospital.
The Hospital Series dbw


Blair in the hospital.
Helpless Terri D Thomas


Blair in the hospital.
Golden Confusion Fluterbev An extended epilogue for Blind Man's Bluff. Misunderstandings lead to misery for Blair.
Blair in the hospital.
Samaritan Donna Gentry Early first season. Sentinel and Guide take a tentative step toward friendship. Sick Blair.
Florence Ellison Sandra McDonald Jim examines his nurturing side. Sick Blair.
Right Place, Wrong Times Alberte As Y2K approaches, "Millenium Madness" strikes,bringing unexpected consequences to Jim and Blair.Is friendship enough to see them through? Blair in the hospital. Fic Rec.
Voir Dire Martha Blair goes undercover, and the usual ensues. Blair in the hospital.
Voir Dire Epilogue Martha Epilogue to Voir Dire. Blair in the hospital.
Evolution Of Friendship - Second Thoughts Annie Epilogue for Second Chance. Fic Announcement.