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Sentinel Fic Finder


This LJ community was created for fans of The Sentinel to find any fan fiction stories they've lost.



Dar Hutson Scally

A study in human pain management.

Blair is hospitalized and the nurse is substituting his morphine with water...WAYBACK link provided.

TS Secret Santa


Secret Santa Fic Exchange celebrating TS with one another at the Christmas/Hanukkah/Solstice/Winter etc.

Christmas stories.

Playing Tag In Cascade (XMAS)


A comprehensive list of Christmas related stories, labelled Gen and Slash respectively.

Christmas stories.

Sentinel Fic Finder (XMAS)


A collection of Christmas/Holiday requests at the community.

Christmas stories.

A03 (XMAS)



A collection of Christmas related stories, labelled Gen and Slash respectively.

Christmas stories.

Pictures followed by Reflections and Jingle Jammies


And we’ll start off with dueling baby pictures.

Christmas stories.

Another Auld Lang Syne


The Cascade PD makes a raid on New Year's Eve.

New Years stories.

Outside These Walls and its sequel To Go Home Again

Jael Lyn

Set in Cascade, with the usual cast of characters but Jim is forced to deal with his wonky senses on his own for a quite a while, until he meets a certain someone.

AU.  Different meetings.

Sensing Pandora


Blair Sandburg is in the Avatar program and is paired with a human solider, Jim Ellison.  They find that he is Cha’la’lei (a Sentinel) and endeavour to find out what that means for them and the Omaticaya.


Crossover with Avatar.

The Brackett Racket


Brackett's back with a little torment for our guys.

Lee Brackett.

Doubts part of the series

Life Is A Bridge


Epilogue for Rogue. After Brackett's discovery of Jim's abilities, Blair's doubts come to the fore. 

Lee Brackett.



Epilogue for Rogue.

Lee Brackett.

Acceptance part of the series Evolution Of Friendship


This is an AU epilogue to the episodes "Night Train" and Rogue".

Lee Brackett.

Cascade Library


A collection of missing scenes/tags for the episode Rogue.

Lee Brackett.

Companions To Our Demons

Holly Lyn

An old enemy is on the loose and wreaking havoc.

Lee Brackett.

Endureth For The Night

Jet & MegaRed

Jim finds it difficult to deal with the day's events on the job. This story features two illustrations by MegaRed.

Jim and Blair fight - Jim leaves - when he comes back Blair is unconscious blocking the door.

Revenge Is Sweet


After enduring a horrible barely remembered night Sandburg grimly tracks down his assailants.

Blair is raped/hurt by a woman.

Love And Bruises part of the

Jobie Series


In the midst of a murder investigation, Blair goes missing, but is Jim following the right clues to his disappearance?

Blair is raped/hurt by a woman.

A New Challenge


Detective Jim Ellison unexpectedly finds himself the owner of an abused, but very unique, slave who has a major impact on his life.

AU.  Guides are slaves.



Things go awry after Ellison reluctantly agrees to some Sentinel testing.

Lee Brackett.

Imperfect By Design


A/U set in a future where cloning is legal. Jim needs bait to catch a serial killer.

AU.  Blair is a clone.

Mother Love



Blair meets another cat in unsettling circumstances.

Blair as a child/teenager.

Raising The Shaman Series


Blair goes to Shaman school - Jim is left holding the kid

Blair as a child/teenager.

Overdue Penalties


Blair witnesses a murder. Can Starsky and Hutch get to him before the killer does?

Blair as a child/teenager.

Crossover with Starsky & Hutch.

The Steps Universe

(Scroll down for stories)


Jim and Blair meet in a very different way.

Blair as a child/teenager.

A Step Backward

LRH Balzer

Blair switches from adult Blair to child Blair.

Blair as a child/teenager.

Crossover with Nash Bridges.

The Windows Series

(Scroll down for stories)


Quick glimpses into the childhood of Blair Sandburg, future Shaman and Guide.

Blair as a child/teenager.

One Bright Summer


Sixteen-year-old Jim is training for a steeplechase, and meets seven-year-old Blair hanging around the stables.

Blair as a child/teenager.



Three kids on a garden party. Jim, Steven and little Blair play a prank.

Blair as a child/teenager.

A Boy’s Life

Laurie Borealis

Not everything was groovy in 1973.

Blair as a child/teenager.


Lady Dagger

A legacy from Jim's aunt includes a small purple teddy bear with a special meaning for both Jim and Blair.

Blair as a child/teenager.

A Education In Character part of the Dry Falls Chronicles


A nice vacation in the Dry Falls area of Eastern Washington.

Blair as a child/teenager.

It’s About Friendship


Missing Scene for Flight.

Blair and Darryl are attacked by a giant snake.

The Broken Road

Jess Riley

Post 'His Brother's Keeper.' When Steven sets out to enlist his brother's help with a family problem he unknowingly starts a chain of events that leaves Blair's life hanging by a thread.

Jim and Blair interact with family.

Second Chances

Debbie Tripp

When Jim and Blair are involved in a horrifying accident, Naomi and William are at odds over the best course of action.

Injured Blair.

Heartspeak followed by Soulspeak



One story, told from two points of view. Heartspeak, the first part, is told from Blair's perspective as he overhears a conversation that is not intended for his ears. Soulspeak, Jim's side of the story, attempts to show that things aren't always as they seem

Injured Blair. 

Silver And Black

Susan Foster

A Silver Blade Sentinel, a warrior for Good and his Demonic Guide have a partnership that someone is willing to kill to stop. Part of the Silver And Black Universe

AU.  Blair is a vampire.

Crossover with Charmed.

WAYBACK link provided.

No Center Line

LRH Balzer

Set after SenToo Part 2.  Jim and Blair are attempting to rebuild their friendship when they’re involved in a disturbing case.  Young men are being abducted and used in porn, Blair along with a fellow officer from another district are taken and so it’s up to Jim and his fellow officers to find them before they outgrow their use and are killed. 

Blair is abducted/taken hostage. 

Crossover with Nash Bridges/Millenium.

Disconnected and its sequel

Like A Bridge

Katie Penland

Jim and Blair have a philosophical disagreement that threatens their partnership.

Jim angry with Blair. 

A Merging Of Souls Series

(Scroll down for stories)


Six weeks after the events of LRH Balzer's 'And Dream that I am Home Again', Blair begins to suffer terrifying visions and Jim and Blair turn to the man who is perhaps the only one who can help them understand.

Mental connection fics. 

The Stockholm Syndrome


What if, in Sentinel, Too, Alex Barnes couldn't kill Blair at the fountain?

AU.  Blair as a theif. 

An Everchanging Life

Annie and Victoria May

Blair returns to Cascade three years after he disappeared, bringing a little surprise.

Blair is kidnapped by Maya and returns with a child. 

How To Warm Up A Slightly Damp Guppy

Red Soprano

A Sentinel Too, Part 1 epilogue. Blair's experience in the fountain comes back to him in a harrowing nightmare. Includes a look at the softer side of Simon.

Simon taking care of Blair. 

Therapy For The Soul


Blair's drowning at the fountain exacts a terrible cost, and in the aftermath, Jim and Blair each get a chance to walk in the other man's shoes.

Blair owwies. 

Wind Whispering


Blair has a mission, and a secret. A hippie traveler, he's lived his whole life on the road with no plans to settle - till he breaks down in an upmarket resort town, high in the Cascades, and becomes the object of Sheriff Ellison's obsession.


Gil Hale’s Fan Fiction

Gil Hale

Website Link.

Author rec.

A Safe Harbor


AU, set a considerable time in the future. Rapidly rising sea levels have altered the coastline during that period, drowning or half drowning coastal towns and creating islands where none exist today. Civilisation has collapsed. A Government anxious to maintain power by finding a scapegoat looked to minority groups to blame for their problems...


Saviors Trilogy


Blair goes undercover in a cult, and Jim and company have to rescue him.

Fragile Blair.  Protective Jim.

A Part of Me Series

Jess Riley

A Sentinel's life is changed forever with the unexpected arrival of his Guide.




Quinn wants revenge on Detective Ellison.

Blair is kidnapped.

Tables Turned


Young Professor Blair Sandburg thinks he's going mad.

Blair struggling with his ‘empathic’ senses.

On Ice Series


There's a dark secret in Blair's past, that he hasn't told his friend.

During an investigation Jim discovers that Blair was once an up and coming ice-skater.

Full Circle


Now that cloning is a reality, what's to stop the government from gene-splicing to create the perfect soldier? But, how do you find the gene that creates loyalty?



Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


A Sentinel and Guide soap-opera in space.