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Walking with Dark Angels The Cat's Whiskers  This is AU and set in the future when humans have colonised other worlds. Outer space Sentinel stories 
Roachia series Cindy Combs  During a losing war on an alien planet, an untrained sentinel hopes that an injured young man will help unlock his talents to save their colony  Outer space Sentinel stories 
The Raptor Chronicles Denim 'n Lace 

Jim’s rebirth as a Sentinel coincides with a dangerous mission to enforce justice in the Romulan Neutral Zone. His life is radically altered when one of his shipmates proves to be the Guide that he has been searching for    

Outer space Sentinel stories
Detaching Kam  After 'The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg', Blair comes to a decision. Megan as Jim's guide 
Who You'd Be Today Arianna  This story is a part of the continuing AU that presumes that Jim and Blair have lived many lives over the course of time. 4th of July stories 
The Smile Toni A strange twist of fate saves Blair from a campus shooter Killer at Rainer 
The Devil You Know Susan Williams I reiterate: this story is intense, graphic, violent, and it contains bad language Blair rape fics 
Masks Susan Williams  Part II: I'm not kidding. This story deals with the aftermath of rape. It is intense, graphic, violent, and contains bad words  Blair rape fics 
Guide Lyn  Epilogue for Rogue Jim or Blair with Pleurisy 
From the Ashes Demeter 

An alternative ending to 'Siege'. Please read the warning. Adult themes ahead.

Blair rape fics 
The Motel Elaine H  An icy night leads to revelations about the Ellison-Sandburg partnership to Simon Jim or Blair with Pleurisy  
Not so Great Elli  Maybe everything didn't turn out so great after 'Sentinel Too'. Jim or Blair with Pleurisy 
Causa Mortis  DawnC  A Sentinel Too Part 2 thingie Jim or Blair with Pleurisy 
The Key  Crowswork  A woman from Blair's past seeks to frame him by murdering his women friends. When Jim interferes, he becomes the latest target. Jim or Blair with Pleurisy 
Face in the Mirror Kit Mason  Jim discovers something new about himself, and Blair learns card tricks Jim faints 
Consequences Trishbsc  Takes place right after S2P2. A sick Jim, a protective Blair and an angry Naomi make for an interesting story  Jim faints 
Rest of Forever Ysone  A Sentinel Too epilogue, for those of us who needed a bit more resolution  Blair with Pleurisy 
XJ-Fuga LJC This is, first and foremost, a story about a sentinel and guide - “our” sentinel and guide. It is also AU, and is Science Fiction, but then “The Sentinel” is, too. the 'science' is only a device to frame the story around Outer space Sentinel stories 
Reflections in a Mirror series Susan and Maedoc  ? GDP crossover with The District 
Deflection LJC  AU since TSbBS kind-of-happened but didn't-really-happen, and wouldn't-have-happened if this had-happened Pre-GDP story 
Fear Factor Linda3  Jim's reaction to Blair's being in another dangerous situation is both unexpected and unexplainable. Blair frightened of Jim 
Unboxing Christmans Linda3  Blair's attempt to surprise Jim turns into unexpected turmoil for both of them Blair frightened of Jim 
Monster Susan Williams   ? Blair frightened of Jim 
Synchronicity Vision  Written in answer to the Groundhog Day challenge on CascadeTimes. NOT a death story  Blair chooses the outcome 
Price of Silence Arianna This story was originally published in the zine 'Hear No Evil'.  Blair chooses the outcome 
Behind Closed Doors Jael Lyn  Detectives Ellison and Sandburg struggle to find Blair's place as a police officer in the midst of a murder investigation Murder at a foster home 
Red Visions RonneeM  When Sentinel and Guide share visions, disaster stalks Cascade. Set after Sen-Two   Serial killer after paranormals 
Slaver series DoggyJ In the future, who has control of the sentinels? Blair rescues Jim 
And I Remember

Now That I'm Standing on My Own
Laekin   ? GDP stories 
Imperfect by Design Monica   ? URL request 
By the Gods, A Lone Wolf Cries DawnC 

A Cross-over that turned out much better than I expected. Give this one a chance! It's a Sentinel-Xena-Herc crossover with lots of smarm and angst.

Womack and the Hands of Blue Gil Hale  He's been around the block, and likely beaten up everybody on it." But that's nothing to what he'll do to Blair! A Sentinel AU based on an episode of (and is therefore a crossover with) Joss Whedon's Firefly  Firefly crossover 
Thrift Pares and Te  Blair Sandburg comes to Sunnydale  Buffy crossovers 
Taggert Says Shedoc  A bit of weirdness Shaman stories 
Rafe Says Shedoc  More weirdness Shaman stories 
Confiscated Shedoc  Relations between Sentinel and Guide are strained and help comes from an unexpected source. Shaman stories 
In Plain Sight Arianna  I thought I had TSbyBS options worked out of my system, but apparently not. This story takes Blair down a different path… Shaman stories 
Following the Wolf Susan Williams  Blair studies shamanism Shaman stories 
Blinded by the Light Laura Pickens  A betrayal forces Jim and Blair to deal with one of their worst nightmares: the public, unplanned revelation of Jim's Sentinel abilities. This revelation leads to a showdown that could change Cascade forever Shaman stories 
Raising the Shaman series LKY  Blair goes to Shaman school - Jim is left holding the kid. Shaman stories 
Squirrel Universe Dolimir   ? Shaman stories 
Calling the Beasts K. Ryn  Blair's in trouble again and this time he's not alone. When a ruthless thief targets a museum exhibit for its priceless artifacts, Blair and a group of elementary school children become unwilling participants in his plan. While Jim and the rest of Major Crimes race to the rescue, the fledgling Shaman spins an ancient tale of adventure in a desperate attempt to save all of their lives. Shaman stories 
Morality Tale Ismaro When the Shaman takes the law into his own hands, what's a Sentinel to do? This story deals with mature themes; reader discretion is advised Shaman stories 
A Different Way of Seeing LRH Balzer  The final story of the Sentinel, Too sequel. Betaed by Kitty and Joanne. Shaman stories 
Ordinary MagicDashaHe'd been warned about informants. He'd been warned that they'd lie, try to manipulate his time, and hit him up for rides. Nobody ever suggested that they'd want him to perform miracles, thoughShaman stories
TrialsShedocSomeone threatens the children, sending Sentinel and Guide into a desperate chase.Shaman stories
Deja Vu seriesKariflybabeFirst episode of the Deja Vu Series. Spoiler warnings for Switchman. What if those four years were simply a very bad dream?Shaman stories
A Watcher's SonAlecStarGiles's life changes forever when a red-head walks into the Magic BoxBuffy crossover
The Idiosyncrasies of PredatorsSheilynnTwo predators walk into a room...sounds like the beginning to a good a joke, huh? Believe me, it's not funny when it actually happens. A one-shot story that ended up being longerBuffy crossover
After AllCrowsworkHas an unspeakable incident driven Blair to end his friendship with Jim? Has trust and loyalty been strained to the breaking point, or is there an even darker secret keeping the partners apart?Blair doesn't get backup
OverloadPam BazemoreWhat would Jim do if his extraordinary abilities unexpectedly went into overdrive? URL request
Archeology 701SwellisonThis is an archive Rainier University Month Challenge. Blair helps out a fellow grad student on a dig at Mesa Verde, and Jim tags along for the experience. This is a fish-out-of-water story, with Jim operating in Blair's world. Buddy fics
Anniversary StorySheffield?Buddy fics
Divin'Twilight DawnThis is the eleventh story in my writing series. Missing scene from Flight. The guys have a little fun diving.Buddy fics
The Mirth of FourthWnnepoohJust Jim and Blair sharing some down time on July 4thBuddy fics
Christmas BreakAriannaWritten for Secret Santa 06.Buddy fics
Sixteen Instinctive BehaviorsBetty PlotnickThe one where Blair gets seriousBuddy fics
Gift ExchangeRoslynA Holiday Fic from my Secret Santa offeringsBuddy fics
It's About FreindshipStarwatcherChristmas + Friendship Buddy fics
Winter BreakTAEand Blair go the snow.with the expected results Buddy fics
Church PicnicTAEJim, Blair, Simon, and Daryl join the Taggart's at their church's annual community picnicBuddy fics
Labor DayTAEJim, Blair, Ronnie, and Cecilia go to the California State FairBuddy fics
OuttakesBeckyGlimpses into the lives (by various perspectives) of Jim and Blair centered around the "On Friendship" chapter of Kahlil Gibran's The ProphetBuddy fics
Fish StoriesRobynSix short stories. Sometimes Jim and Blair go fishing and the bad guys *don't* show up <g>. Sometimes the fish don't eitherBuddy fics
An Embrace Without WallsRobyn?Buddy fics
I Heard the Mountain SingRobynOn a hike with Jim, Blair wonders what it would be like to experience heightened sensesBuddy fics
Sunny Side UpSorchaThe boys have some fun in the sun... with a little bump or two on the wayBuddy fics
Merry Christmas, ChiefStarwatcherChristmas = Friendship + Snow + Love
Buddy fics
WindsongStarwatcherJim is afraid Blair intends to leave, and takes preemptive actionBuddy fics
White Falls

White Falls 2
ShedocBlair learns some unexpected news

Who tries to kill Blair?
Naomi kidnaps Blair
The Heart Hath its ReasonsMerryIn which the Major Crime department raises bickering to an art form, and events of a dire nature are visited upon just about everybody. Kind of my tribute to Lee Brackett, who does not, in fact, appear in this story at all. Shaman stories