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Requested Theme

Overload and its sequel

Teacher, Helper; Friend


Cascade's finest arrive in Chicago for a conference and meet a new sentinel.

Crossover with Due South.

Extradition and its sequel



Jim has been kidnapped and Blair receives help from some unlikely visitors from Chicago.

Crossover with Due South.

The Sentinel Archive Project


What we do here, is try to keep track of fiction that has disappeared or is disappearing from the 'net for a variety of reasons. We have copies of those stories and we're willing to send them to others.All you need to do is email us with a request.

Archive for lost fic.

Beyond Survival


A missing scene for Survival.

Episode Tag.

A Merging of Souls Series

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Six weeks after the events of LRH Balzer's 'And Dream that I am Home Again', Blair begins to suffer terrifying visions and Jim and Blair turn to the man who is perhaps the only one who can help them understand.

Exploring Jim and Blair's bond more and giving Blair a 'gift' of his own.

Minding His P's and Q's


Jim discovers that Blair has been keeping a secret.

Blair has dyslexia.

A Safe Harbor


AU, set a considerable time in the future. Rapidly rising sea levels have altered the coastline during that period, drowning or half drowning coastal towns and creating islands where none exist today. Civilisation has collapsed. A Government anxious to maintain power by finding a scapegoat looked to minority groups to blame for their problems...


When You Care Enough To Send The Very Best

Jamie Ritchey

Jim and Blair exchange Hallmark cards while Blair is away.


I Can Always Pretend Series

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Clea Saal

A series of short stories dealing with Blair's past as he faces some very tough times.


A Watchers Son Series

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Clea Saal

A series of ficlets in which Blair finally meets his father... and a few others.

Crossover with Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Highlander.


Jael Lyn

Takes place after TSbyBS.Sandburg's assignment with Major Crimes is challenged and he is forced to transfer.

Blair as a cop.

A Simple Gift

Jael Lyn

When Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg parted, neither man had an easy time picking up the pieces. Can they each build a better life, or has time run out?

Jim's dying, Blair returns.

Stockholm Syndrome


In an Alternate Universe, Blair joins forces with Alex Barnes, and the result is something no one expected.




Quinn wants revenge on Detective Ellison.

Kidnapped Blair.

Tables Turned


Young Professor Blair Sandburg thinks he's going mad.

Blair struggling with his empathic abilities.



Blair and Jimís thoughts on those final few seconds on the Rig.

Missing scene.

Blessed Protector


Blair's 28th birthday is Friday, June 13th. What could possibly go wrong?

Blair gets a punctured lung.

To Be


Blair's dying thoughts at the fountain.

Missing scene for SenToo.

No Center Line

LRH Balzar

Set after SenToo Part 2.Jim and Blair are attempting to rebuild their friendship when theyíre involved in a disturbing case.Young men are being abducted and used in porn, Blair along with a fellow officer from another district are taken and so itís up to Jim and his fellow officers to find them before they outgrow their use and are killed.

Takes place after the events in the following stories in my Sentinel series:
Primary FocusMovers and Shakers, &  A Different Way of Seeing,
and should be considered continuing in my overall story arch for Knitted Souls.

Blair is abducted/taken hostage.

Crossover with Nash Bridges/Millenium

Water Music

Jael Lyn

Just a nice quiet weekend in the wilderness. After TsbyBS, but you wouldn't really notice.

Stories with Jim and Blair having to deal with either too much water or not enough water, and...if possible extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold.



Blair and deep water. Not a good combination.

Stories with Jim and Blair having to deal with either too much water or not enough water, and...if possible extreme temperatures, either too hot or too cold.

Falls the Shadow

Just Jen

When a dirty cop compromises an undercover operation, Blair is forced to protect himself with any means necessary.

Blair's observer credentials are revoked.

Never Be Forsaken


Dr. Blair Sandburg decides to spend a vacation in Cascade National Forest, and finds a lot more than he bargained for.

Episode related AU.

Heard, Not Regarded


When Jim loses his guide and best friend, he has to face some harsh truths. Takes place three months after S2P2.

Blair's stranded on an island.

Sentinel Big Bang

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Master list of previous Big Bang offerings.

Long stories.

Crack Van for The Sentinel


A compilation of links shared on Crack Van over the years.Includes Gen and Slash stories.

Long stories.

Playing Tag in Cascade


An organised list (thanks to Merlin) of TS stories sorted by category. Includes Gen, Pre-Slash and Slash stories. Links are clearly labelled.


Cascade Library


A gen centric archive for The Sentinel.Stories hosted both on-site and off-site.


Seasons of the Heart followed by Demons Fought and Chasing Shadows


After Blair decides to leave the loft, he is brutally attacked. During the investigation, Jim discovers Blair is also being sexually and physically intimidated by other cops, who resent the observer's presence.This story deals with rape and as such is rated N/C-17. The rape is not depicted in detail in the story.

Blair raped.