Gen Archive June 2000






Fever Red Soprano This is for my friend, Dana, who, like me, enjoys a little change of pace now and again with a sick Blair who's more pissy than pathetic and a long-suffering, rather than saintly, Blessed Protector. Blair sick with Jim taking care of him
Parking Permit T. Evans aka Wyvern Not everyone at the Cascade PD agrees with Ellison having a long haired hippie, witch doctor punk for a partner. Will it prove too much for Sandburg? Blair not accepted
Cherry Bombs Dawn C & Hephaistos An accidentally drunken Blair gets involved in one of Simon's cases. Incoherent Blair
Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut Red Soprano No summary. Incoherent Blair
Samaritan Donna Gentry aka Ysone Early first season. Sentinel and Guide take a tentative first step towards friendship. Jim looks after sick Blair.
Lost In The Clouds Agnes Mage Blair is having fun writing fan fiction on the Internet when he stumbles upon atrocities that prove too much for his fragile soul. Only Jim can save him from the monsters out there and the ones he finds within himself. Blair writing fanfiction.
Skating On Lake Balaton Laurie Borealis Jim helps Blair with a slippery problem Incoherent Blair
Feet On The Couch LRH Balzer A story made up of a series of five "Missing Scenes", set within the episode "Sweet  Science" Missing scene series
The Rest Of Forever Donna Gentry A Sentinel Too epilogue, for those of us who needed a bit more resolution. Blair doesn't go back to the loft after Sen Too part two
Alternate Reality series DL Witherspoon These stories take place in an alternate universe where Jim Ellison is not a big strong cop, but a man who has come to expect the worst of the world. Abused and abandoned by both family and country, Jim finds shelter and perhaps eventually, salvation in a famed attorney named Blair Sandburg. Aggressive, talented, and cocky, Blair lives in a penthouse, and takes on big business with the tenacity of a hawk, yet the finesse of a swan. But his biggest challenge is understanding, and helping, the man living under his roof; how does one teach the concept of freedom to one who has never experienced it? AU stories
Candle In The Dark DL Witherspoon This is the first of a four-story arc I call the "Becoming A Watcher" Subseries. Good Jim stories
No Center Line LRH Balzer This story begins following "A Different Way of Seeing" and "Sentinel, Too; Part Two."  Sentinel/Nash Bridges/Millenium crossover.Blair kidnapped
Deliver Us Donna Gentry Borrowing your partner's truck isn't such a great idea after all, as Blair discovers. Mistaken for Jim, Blair is attacked and left for dead in the mountains. Jim races to put the pieces together and find his partner before it's too late.Jim tells Simon that Blair likes to hear people talking when he's unconscious.
Doppelganger TAE Jim, Blair and Cassie at a seminar in Los Angeles, where they meet up with a man who could be Jim's twin brother. Crossover with One West Waikiki.
Sibling Rivalry Charli Jim's brother Stephen is jealous of his relationship with Blair. Will Jim be forced to choose between his blood brother and his Guide? William Ellison angry at Blair being at the hospital when Jim is hurt.
Plank Martha Blair didn't mean to snoop ... but finding that box in the back of Jim's closet may cost him his life just the same.Top ten favorites
Promissory Denim (aka Donna Gentry) A promise made is a promise kept. Especially where Blair Sandburg is concerned--no matter what the personal cost.Top ten favorites
My Guide Has Fleas Robyn What happens in the loft when rain cancels a fishing trip. Top ten favorites
Revenge of the Washing Machines Robyn On a late fall evening, a series of mishaps prevent Jim and Blair from getting the wash done the usual way. Top ten favorites
Inside And Out DawnC Blair is framed for several Major Crimes, and Jim must struggle to clear his partner's name. Top ten favorites
Deep Cover DL Witherspoon Jim and Blair go undercover in a new city and state. Top ten favorites
The Devil You Know Susan L Williams No summary. Warning: Rape storyTop ten favorites
Masks Susan L. Williams  Top ten favorites
Imperfect By Design Monica Massey No summaryTop ten favorites
Grace Notes Shelly A little tale of friendship with a musical motif. Jim, Blair, Daryl, and Simon go camping. Blair & Daryl are practicing for a talent show.
Twas the Day Before Christmas Goodcrackers aka Jeanne No summary.Jim & Blair get kidnapped on Christmas Eve.
Alternate Route Ophite What if Alex had taken Blair for a guide before Jim had. Blair meets Alex before he meets Jim.
Destroyed XMagicalX Prequel to Restored What is the worth of a single man's soul? Jim kidnapped
For Wild Things Agnes Mage Flu season and snow storms plague Cascade forcing Blair to confront some insecurities that still haunt him. Both Sentinel and Guide discover a link, not only to the spiritual world, but the natural one as well. They learn to be truly thankful for wild things. Depressed Blair
Deep Cover DL Witherspoon Jim and Blair go undercover in a new city and state. Jim and Blair pretending to be a couple.
Church Picnic TAE Jim, Blair, Simon, and Daryl join the Taggart's at their church's annual community picnic. (Blair sings) Blair gets angry with a lawyer.
I'll See You In Court TAE The continuation of Church Picnic, Blair is treated badly by the new assistant DA. Sequel to Church Picnic
A Nod To The Mirror Anonymeek Missing scene for Mirror Image MS for Mirror Image
24 Hours Sealie Blair with meningitis Blair sick
Who You Gonna Call Red Soprano A missing scene for Blind Man's Bluff. Blair calls Jim from the hospital after waking up from his coma in BMB