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Requested Theme

Guide Placement Series

Jael Lyn

In the future, a disenfranchised guide and a new sentinel are thrust together.

Blair as a temporary guide.

Imperfections Series


AU. If Blair's washing out of the guide program, who's taking care of Jim?

Blair as a temporary guide.

Twice Again


In a world where sentinels and guides are recognized and celebrated, one sentinel's painful past leads him to avoid a bond at all costs, even as his emerging senses demand one, while one guide struggles to hide the dark secrets that caused him to be branded an outcast.

Blair as a temporary guide.

Sell My Soul


In an alternate universe, Sentinels and Guides are known. Economic times are hard and health care has reached a crisis point. What will one man do for someone he loves?

Blair as a temporary guide.


Dar Hutson Scally

Can the Sentinel help his Guide deal with a recurring illness in time?

Blair with an eating disorder... WAYBACK link provided, all links currently work.

Dungeons and Dragons

Maven Alysse and Aislinn

To celebrate Daryl Bank's birthday, the Major Crimes Unit play D&D. Character perspectives change between the Loft and D&D setting.

The guys at play.

If Wishes and its sequel Suffer Not the Witch

Mary Shadinger

Fifteen year old James Ellison is sent to Crystal Falls Mental Hospital for the Criminally Insane for the brutal murder of his mother.

AU.  Jim is accused of murdering his mother...WAYBACK link provided.

Crossover with The A Team.

A New Day Dawns is the first instalment in

The Alternate Reality Series (Scroll down for stories)

DL Witherspoon

Jim Ellison is not a big strong cop, but a man who has come to expect the worst of the world. Abused and abandoned by both family and country, Jim hopes to find salvation in a famed attorney named Blair Sandburg.

AU.  Jim is a convict and Blair is an attorney.

Delayed Impact


What if Blair had been hurt more badly than he let on after falling into the dig in Breaking Ground, this is an epilogue that explores such a scenario.

Breaking Ground epilogue.

Motivating Factors

DL Witherspoon

What's a Sentinel and Guide supposed to do when each thinks the other is dead?

Simon finds out how dangerous Jim is.

Becoming A Watcher Series

(Scroll down for stories)

DL Witherspoon

Simon not only recognizes his position in the Sentinel/Guide world, but he accepts it and is given the designation of “Watcher".

Simon finds out how dangerous Jim is.



A few of the guys go camping. Do they ever get a break?

Primal Jim and Blair.

Obstacle Course

DL Witherspoon

Simon is kidnapped and Jim has to find him before the government does.

Simon finds out how dangerous Jim is.

The Compassion Trap and its sequel Demolition Men

Gil Hale

Blair and Vin are lost to a secret from their past, but Jim and Chris find formidable help in each other while searching for their missing friends.

Simon finds out how dangerous Jim is.

Crossover with The Magnificent Seven.

The Family Series

(Scroll down for stories)

DL Witherspoon

These stories involve one or more members of Jim Ellison's "other" family, a watchdog organization of which he is the Elder, second-in-command and "heir to the throne".


Full Circle


Blair decides to go for his dissertation with a series of ride-alongs. This is a sequel to – or rather a continuation of Ten Leagues Beyond the Wide World's End

AU.  Different meetings.

Acquainted With The Night

DL Witherspoon

An enemy from Jim's past appears in Cascade.

Simon finds out how dangerous Jim is.

One Hundred Minutes of Solitude

Jane Mailander

Blair saves his own ass.

Mythical and symbolic...WAYBACK link provided.


Jane Mailander

Blair really shouldn't go fishing by himself.

Explores Blair's shaman side...WAYBACK link provided.