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Home Annie  Blair's one week has run out. Where will he go now? Blair is poor 
Shelter  Lyn  Missing scene for "The Debt."  Blair is poor 
Homeless  Lyn  Missing scene for "The Debt." Blair is poor 
Detour  Lyn  Missing scene and epilogue for "The Debt." Blair is poor 
Amends  Lyn  Epilogue for The Debt - Settling in takes more than a little give and take Blair is poor 
Be It Ever so Humble  Lyn 

What if Jim hadn't been with Blair when the warehouse blew up. Alternate scenes to 'The Debt.'

Blair is poor 
The Debt various Missing scenes and epilogues  Blair is poor 
Out of Debt  Ysone  Coda for The Debt. Blair seeks a solution to his housing problems. Blair is poor 
New  T. Verano  Eight days after the warehouse exploded.  Life goes on, in its own unlikely way Blair is poor 
Now That Larry's Gone  Arianna  Epilogue for The Debt Blair is poor 
Centerfold  YS McCool  While Jim and Blair are investigating a kidnapping, Jim finds out that Blair posed for a ladies' magazine Blair is poor 
Parking Permit Wyvern  Not everyone at the Cascade PD agrees with Ellison having a long haired hippie, witch doctor punk for a partner. Will it prove too much for Sandburg?
Blair is poor
The Lonely Guide

No Longer Lonely
LV BLair  Blair is poor 
Author's page Lori Wright  URL request 
Two Parts of a Whole

Developing a New Connection

New Avenues to Connect
K-Lyn  What would happen to clones if we started to create them? What would happen when we tire of the 'fad'? What would happen to those no longer wanted?

Jim and Blair have to deal with their new situation and outside forces that don't like the path they're going.

A murder and a terrorist cause problems.
Clone stories 
Missing Pieces Crowswork  Jim and Blair are informed by a stranger named Jarod that their lives are about to change forever... if they survive. Clone stories 

Ysone  One story, told from two points of view. Heartspeak, the first part, is told from Blair's perspective as he overhears a conversation that is not intended for his ears. Soulspeak, Jim's side of the story, attempts to show that things aren't always as they seem URL request 
A Family Christmas Cheyenne  Christmas is a time for families to get together, whether they are family by blood or family by choice. Christmas story 
A Part of Me series  Jess Riley  A Sentinel's life is changed forever with the unexpected arrival of his Guide. Jim is Blair's father 
To Do List  Aubrey Robin  What happened between the shoot-out and the job offer in "The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg." URL request 
Revelations & Endings  Loui  What happens when the Guide is fatally injured?
One can't live without the other 
Little Boy Lost  Emerald  Blair's cryptic words at the hospital were just a hint at the horrors of the past. Now Jim must watch as the nightmare returns and threatens to take the young man away forever. Will the support of their colleagues be enough to prevent any more harm? URL request 
Connections  Lyn  Someone from Jim's past brings danger to both men and Jim and Blair must establish a connection to each other in order to survive. Jim hit by a car, hears mom being attacked
Arresting Behavior  Monica  Why is everyone at Major Crimes mad at Jim? Just what are he and Blair doing?   Jim abusing Blair - humorous 
Blessed Protector  Swellison  Blair's 28th birthday is Friday, June 13th. What could possibly go wrong? Friday the 13th stories 
I Can Be You, Oo Oo  Fluterbev  Cypher missing scene  Cypher stories 
The Ones Who Love you Best  Crowswork  Someone evil is watching Blair through the skylight. What is it about Blair that made 'his' life so desirable. Cypher stories 
Blessed Lyn  Blair does the comforting  Cypher stories 
Home Lyn  Blair discovers the true meaning home  Cypher stories 
Pluck  Lyn  Cypher missing scenes  Cypher stories 
Recovery  Lyn  Cypher missing scenes  Cypher stories 
Moments Debbie Tripp  Jim helps Blair cope with the aftermath of Lash.  Cypher stories 
Raising the Shaman series  LKY  Blair goes to Shaman school - Jim is left holding the kid. Young Blair stories 
A Step Backwards  LRH Balzer   ? Young Blair stories 
Overdue Penalties Rimilod  A Starsky & Hutch crossover with The Sentinel (or at least a ten-year old Blair). Blair witnesses a murder. Can Starsky and Hutch get to him before the killer does? Young Blair stories 
As Fate Has Willed  Monica  When William Ellison learns that his thirteen-year old son Jimmy is something called a "Sentinel", to what lengths will he go to help him? Young Blair stories 
Maternal Instinct Autumn Skies  An AU in which Grace Ellison encounters a special toddler during the summer of 1971. Young Blair stories 
If You Judge, Investigate  Laurie  A stand-alone story for the ‘Fair Distance’ universe.
Young Blair stories 
Clinging to the Wheel  Dasha Warning: Death story . . . but as usual, nobody is actually dead at the end of it. Young Blair stories 
The Windows series  Ysone  Quick glimpses into the childhood of Blair Sandburg, future Shaman and Guide.
Young Blair stories 
The Unlikely Guide  Magpie  Jim should never have sent Simon to find a guide for him. Young Blair stories 
One Bright Summer  Starwatcher  Sixteen-year-old Jim is training for a steeplechase, and meets seven-year-old Blair hanging around the stables. Young Blair stories 
Young Jim or Blair various  Young Blair stories 
I'm Loving It  Jane Davitt  How would Blair rebel with a mom like Naomi and I wrote her a teeny snippet set in 1979 where Naomi turns into a less understanding mom, as we all do when pushed.
Young Blair stories 
Wish I May  Jane Davitt   ? Young Blair stories 
Birthright series Rimilod Many times it's been said that Jim and Blair are closer than brothers. What would happen if they really were? Jim, Blair and Stephen are brothers
Imperfections series Dasha If Blair's washing out of the guide program, who's taking care of Jim? Crossover with Monk.Sentinels are rare
Antithesis Java Head Something is very wrong with Jim, and Blair is in danger from him. Blair owies!Alternate reality stories
SG-22 Arianna ? Stargate crossover
The Guide series LKY A guide finds a sentinel. Blair is the Sentinel
Pieces of Me Lyn

Six months after moving in with Jim, Blair's finally had enough of his partner's... anal personality.

Blair is angry
Fear Factor Linda3 Jim's reaction to Blair's being in another dangerous situation is both unexpected and unexplainable. Takes place late in the third season, but before all the nastiness of Night Shift. One of them says "I Love You."
Reflections of Terror JET October, memories of Lash, and a new killing spree in Cascade.One of them says "I Love You."
The One Left Behind JET Blair must come to terms with a devestating loss. NO canon character deathsOne of them says "I Love You."
Last Man Standing JET Jim helps Simon's old friend with a serial murder case. One of them says "I Love You."
Delayed Impact Arianna Hope suggested that perhaps Blair had been hurt more badly than he let on after falling into the dig in Breaking Ground, and asked for an epilogue that would explore such a scenario. Avoiding medical advice
Unexpected Arianna ? Avoiding medical advice
Things that Go Bump in the Daytime Roo Jim owies, he can't get away with just a bruise and a limp after Ungar's car clipped him. At least not where i'm concerned Avoiding medical advice
Jim Pain snippet elixia13 Jim gets into trouble when he doesn't realize he's been hurt. Avoiding medical advice