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Colour and Light


Episode based story that was posted to the Senfic e-mail list as a weekly serial and was simply intended to ease withdrawal pangs during the long months when UPN wasn't providing regular doses of The Sentinel. The first thirteen parts were completed prior to the airing of "Sentinel Too, Part Two".

Megan as Blairís protector...WAYBACK link provided.

To Protect and Obey and its sequel Learning To Live

Stormwolf Dawn

When Jim is kidnapped, Blair must rescue him.

Jim is raped (GEN)...WAYBACK links provided.



Jim and Blair face an ex-military zealot who has discovered the secret of Jim's senses.

Jim is rescued by Simon and/or Blair.

Hollow Soul


Jim's cover is blown during a dangerous undercover assignment.

Jim is rescued by Simon and/or Blair.



In a world where Sentinels and Guides are known, a Sentinel finds his one true Guide. Of course, nothing is ever that simple!

Megan as Blairís protector.

Sentinel Big Bang

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Various Authors

Master list of previous Big Bang offerings.

Sentinel Big Bang

Roachia Series

Cindy Coombs

During a losing war on an alien planet, an untrained sentinel hopes that an injured young man will help unlock his talents to save their colony.


MacGyver Crossover Series

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Cindy Coombs

Galileo returns to abduct Blair, forcing Jim to accept a stranger's help to rescue him.

AU.Crossover with MacGyver/SG1.

Indexed by Series

DL Witherspoon

This page lists all AUís available by this author.


Night Eagle


Set in America's old west, Night Eagle explores the emerging friendship between a white rancher and the half-breed Indian that saves his life


Honor Killing


There is a serial killer in Cascade. With the fourth death, the case is moved from Homicide to Major Crime.


Once Bitten


After an experience that left him convinced that although he knew what to do to help a sentinel he was useless as a guide, Blair Sandburg got work as senior lecturer in Guide Studies at Rainier.


A Fresh Start


After the dissertation fiasco, Blair feels he has to leave. Jim has other ideas.

AU.Fork in the road.

Full Circle


Blair decides to go for his dissertation with a series of ride-alongs.


A Safe Harbor


AU, set a considerable time in the future. Rapidly rising sea levels have altered the coastline during that period, drowning or half drowning coastal towns and creating islands where none exist today. Civilisation has collapsed. A Government anxious to maintain power by finding a scapegoat looked to minority groups to blame for their problems...


Revelations and Endings


What happens when the Guide is fatally injured?

Death story.

Evolution of Friendship Series

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An ongoing series of missing scenes and AU endings.


Tommy Series


Life can take an unexpected turn sometimes.

Slightly AU.

An Everchanging Life

Annie and Victoria May

Blair returns to Cascade three years after he disappeared, bringing a little surprise.

Blair is kidnapped by Maya and returns with a child.

A Lesson In Caring

Jess Riley

A childhood illness could have grave consequences for Blair.

Sick Blair...WAYBACK link provided.