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Coming Up for Air Delilah  An AU Blair tells of finding a Sentinel a little too late. Blair's an observer with the Cascade PD. Jim is … well … not the Jim you know. Distracting stories 
Team Building

Team Building II

Team Building III
TAE Major Crime is scheduled for a Team Building course, only to be dumped in the wilderness with only the contents of their pockets and Blair's ever present backpack.

The guys from Major Crime are sent on another(bonifide, this time), their bad luck continues when their planecrashes. Guest appearance by Methos.

The men of Major Crime finally get to the TeamBuilding Class, only to discover that it's a 'fear camp'. Blair talks them into challenging the final.
Teamwork series 
Guide's Dogs AnneACK  Jim discovers something he can do for his guide. Blair has 2 dogs and 1 cat 
Be Careful What You Wish For Ranlynn  During the first season of Heroes one of the audience on-line participation's NBC ran was a 'how would you stop Sylar'. Heros crossover 
Outside These Walls

To Go Home Again
Jael Lyn  Set in Cascade, with the usual cast of characters, but most would consider it an AU.

Ellison and Sandburg continue their journey together
AU stories 
Night Eagle

Night Eagle: Homecoming
Ysone  Set in America's old west, Night Eagle explores the emerging friendship between a white rancher and the half-breed Indian that saves his life

Blair accompanies Jim home to his ranch, where both men must face the ugly realities of prejudice and intolerance
AU stories 
Obfuscator Besterette  An AU based on The Pigeon by Judith L  AU stories 
Mark of the Beast  Ysone Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances AU stories 
Raising Hopes

Raising the Bar

Raising Questions
TW Lewis  Blair Sandburg's life is turned upside-down when he meets a 10-year old Jimmy Ellison

Parenting is harder than it looks, and international terrorists don't make it any easier

A surprise visit from Naomi makes Jimmy curuious to find his own mother.
AU stories 
My Soul to Keep Ysone  Imagine a post-war future. Imagine being one of over a hundred known Sentinels in a world without Guides. Now imagine one was found AU stories 
Imperfections series Dasha  If Blair's washing out of the guide program, who's taking care of Jim? AU stories 
Clinging to the Wheel Dasha  Warning: Death story . . . but as usual, nobody is actually dead at the end of it. AU stories 
Where We Love Saiorse When a case takes a bad turn, Jim takes a wrong turn and Blair wants to turn back. But, has a burned out Cascade cop reached the point of no return?
AU stories 
Through Another's Eyes Rimilod  Blair, from a completely different set of eyes.  Hargrove Hall secretary explains supplies 'points' game 
Deluge Lyn 

Blair and deep water. Not a good combination

Broken arm stories 
Words Unspoken Lyn 

Cruel words spoken in the heat of the moment cause Blair's birthday to be forgotten and his life put in danger as he attempts to make things right.    

Broken arm stories
Two Way Street Lyn 

Jim's anger over a case almost costs him his Guide.        

Broken arm stories
Runaway Train Jess Riley  Blair makes a decision that causes his relationship with Jim to speed out of control like a runaway train. Can the damage be repaired before they both crash and burn?   Broken arm stories 
Designated Driver Crowswork  Blair is the designated driver on a poker night. Broken arm stories
Powerhouse Sheffield  There were eighty-seven links in the chain, not counting the anchor-point that was riveted to the wall at one end or the four smaller chains (with twenty seven, twenty six, thirty five and thirty seven links respectively) leading from the ring at the other end to the shackles on his wrists and ankles.  Numb3rs crossover 
Outnumb3red FreyaKendra  Two months after Shofield's army of sentinels is thwarted by Don Eppes's team in LA -- with the help of our gang from Cascade, of course -- Project Sentinel is getting fully underway.  There's just one problem: the project coordinator from back east who needs to work closely with Jim and Blair is the last person in the world either one of them would ever want to see again. Numb3rs crossover 
The Clue in the Mystery LKY A skeleton is found in a wall. The investigation strikes close to home as Jim and Blair struggle to keep each other safe from harm's way.
Broken arm stories 
Fishing Lesson LKY  Uncle Buck visits with a suggestion for a long weekend in North Idaho. Broken arm stories 
Water Music Jael Lyn  Just a nice quiet weekend in the wilderness. After TsbyBS, but you wouldn't really notice  Broken arm stories 
Firestorm Mackie  Jim and Blair are targeted by a gang of thrill-seeking killers. Rated R for violence Broken arm stories 
Blessed Protector TAE  Just a little h/c. Blair owies, but nothing really major. And Jim had absolutely nothing to do with it!  Broken arm stories 
Blind Run Annie  In "Blind Man's Bluff," Blair tells Simon that the little bag of Golden they were given was lost in the crowd. However, Jim had actually put the bag with whatever powder it still contained into his jacket pocket. Broken arm stories 
Disappearing Dar Hutson Scally  Can the Sentinel help his guide deal with a recurring illness before it's too late?
Blair has an eating disorder
The Hunger Demeter  While Blair is struggling with a relapse of bulimia, the guys are assigned to a horrible case. How much more can their partnership take? Blair has an eating disorder 
Shadowlands Arianna  Blair leads some students on an expedition. Everything goes well until some terrorists turn up Blair leads and expedition for Eli 
In Memorium TAE  Jim invites Blair along on his usually solo Memorial Day Weekend trip Memorial Day stories 
Lost in the Clouds Agnes Mage  Blair is having fun writing fan fiction on the Internet when he stumbles upon atrocities that prove too much for his fragile soul. Only Jim can save him from the monsters out there and the ones he finds within himself.
Dark Stories
Inferno DawnC 

This is a dark piece with violence and strong language. The Plot: After shooting someone in self-defense, Blair finds himself the target of an insane man bent on revenge.    

Dark Stories
Seal DL Witherspoon  It's about choice. Who dies in twenty-four hours...and who mourns? (Previously published by Skeeter Press.) Jim and Blair poisoned 
Dry Fall Chronicles LKY  A nice vacation in the Dry Falls area of Eastern Washington  Blair as a guide 
Asunder Kikkimax  When you've given too much, how do you get back your own soul? 
Blair gets one more shot at being an anthropologist.   Post TSbyBS.
Blair as a guide 
Illusions TW Lewis  Blair is going insanse, but things are not quite what they seem Blair as a guide 
Stealing Home

Coming Home
Calista Echo  Blair as a guide