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Games People Play Susan Foster Set in GDP universe Exhausted Blair
Halloween, the Black Cat and Blair Sandburg Debbie Tripp Blair has an accident as a result of a black cat. Halloween fic
Halloween in Cascade Debbie Tripp Blair's going to a Halloween party, and Jim invites himself
Halloween fics
Trick or Treat Jamie Ritchey Pre-Halloween treat. Originally published in Sentry Duty 3, available from Agent With Style. Rated PG. Spoilers: A teensy one for Survival. Halloween fic
The Spirit of Christmas Present Judy Seils The second annual Christmas in Cascade story. (12-18-04) Jim sings
Dumb Luck TAE It's Halloween at the Loftand a late trick-or-treater ends up tricked, andsociety ends up with a lucky treat. Halloween fic
Unsleeping Martha Sometimes a sentinel can just hear too damned much Scary stories
Library series Sealie this is a series with a touch of horror and supernatural elements Scary stories
On Ice series Arianna There's a dark secret in Blair's past, that he hasn't told his friend Blair was a figure skater
Who Am I Now Jess Riley As Halloween isn't a big deal on this side of the pond, so I thought I'd post a little bit of spooky nonsense just to join the fun Scary stories
A Doll's House Roslyn


Scary stories
Bag of Bones Sealie Lash is back Scary stories
For a Male Guide series Jayed A story set in alternate universe where Sentinel/Guide pairs are known. Blair is important or rare person
Noel Romanse

Blair's got a promise to keep to Jim and his vow takes him through an extraordinary journey of life and death - all the way from

modern times to a life in ancient Palestine and back.
Fic announcement
It Never Stops Roxi1013 Episode tag to Blind Man's Bluff - what did Blair think of his lost shoes? Fic announcement
Vet series Judy Jim meets Dr. Jennifer Watkins, a veterinarian in Cascade. From there, well, let's just say life is never dull in Cascade for our two guys. Jim falls for a vet
Casa PiedmonteLKYJim opens more than just Pandora's box in this one.
Blair's face is on a milk carton
White Falls

White Falls - Family Reunion

Shedoc Blair learns some unexpected news.

Sequel to White Falls. Who tries to kill Blair?

Blair's face is on a milk carton
Room for Everything DL Witherspoon When Naomi falls ill, Blair and Jim care for her. Naomi is sick
Destinies Entwined Mackie Blair is poisoned as part of a Chinese crime lord's plan to set up shop in Cascade. Blair is having cramps
Blair's Choice Fidus Amicus Jim races against time and an old enemy to save Blair's life. Blair is having cramps
Sentinel Corp Susan Foster Based on the AU created by Rogue This story is a general story, but is based on Rogues stories which are slash URL request
Car Trouble Jane Davitt Blair's mechanic is placed in an awkward position Outsider view
Scoop of the Century Ysone A third party is observing Jim and Blair during a zone out Outsider view
And I Call Myself a Detective Ysone A third party is observing Jim and Blair during a zone out Outsider view
The Ridiculous and the Obscure Besterette A colleague's view of Blair's actions in The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg. This is a crossover with Stargate SG-1 Outsider view
The Outsider K Hanna Korossy

A view of the partnership between Jim and Blair from an outside perspective

Outsider view
Sentinel Event Delilah A new nurse at Cascade General receives a lesson about what a Sentinel Event really means. Outsider view
Byrd's Eye View Starwatcher A new detective is introduced to Major Crimes Outsider view
Chinks in the Armor Ysone Early first season. Simon has a pair of tickets to the game of the century, but all of his friends have plans, and he's down to his last choice. Outsider view
Seeds of Faith Ysone Rafe and Brown receive a "crash" course in faith Outsider view
Think Outside the Box Jael Lyn Takes place after TSbyBS. Jim's a little burned out, and Simon sends the partners out of town, hoping to give them a break Outsider view
It's a Guide Thing Ysone Simon discovers that seeing is not always believing Outsider view
Inheritance Dasha Rules of consanguinity, sentinel genetics, and fictive kinship. Outsider view
Outside Looking In DL Witherspoon Through the eyes of Major Crimes' new detective. Outsider view
Portraits Legion look at Jim and Blair's growing relationship from three different points of view, Post TS by BS Outsider view
The Good Guys

The Good Brother

The Good Path



Jim/Blair calls the other 'brother'
Outside Looking In Swellison Missing Scene challenge for The Killers. Steven Ellison comes back from a business trip to find his estranged brother's face plastered all over the evening news Outsider view
Coming Up for Air Delilah An AU Blair tells of finding a Sentinel a little too late. Blair's an observer with the Cascade PD. Jim is … well … not the Jim you know URL request
It's in the Holding

A Sentinel Misunderstanding

Angeleee Sometimes all it takes is a hug.

A misunderstanding

Blair buys Star Wars toys
Birds of a Feather Clea Saal Another possible answer to the nagging question that is the identity of Blair's father URL request
Charlotte Frost Charlotte Frost   Author's site
Tommy series Shedoc This is slightly AU. First in a series of stories that could stand alone Blair inherits a son
Double Edged Sword Susan and Jael Lyn


GDP Universe
Going Home JustJeannette Alternate ending for TSbyBS. WARNING: Death of a major character. Fic announcement
The Wet Guppy Debbie


Guppy stories
How to Warm up a Slightly Damp Guppy Red Soprano Blair's experience in the fountain comes back to him in a harrowing nightmare. Includes a look at the softer side of Simon. Guppy stories
What a Guide Must Do

What a Sentinel Has Done

Jay Daver


This is a follow-up to my first new story, "What A Guide Must Do." I meant to leave that as it was, but most feedback told me it was seen as incomplete. So, I thought about it some more.

Blair suicide - death story
Peer Review Dasha In support of the ethical treatment of human subjects Blair suicide - not a death story
I Know

He Knows

They Know

DL Witherspoon Blair's thoughts when Jim is shot

Jim's thoughts as he sits by Blair's hospital bed.

Simon's thoughts as he waits for news about his best team.

Simon waiting for the guys to be found
Thrift Pares and Te Blair Sandburg comes to Sunnydale Buffy crossover
Weight of Darkness, Power of Light Rather Spoilers for Sentinel Too, I & II, obviously, and I don't know what all else. No telling. The story picks up right where S2 left off. And then goes the direction I wish that things had gone Jim is SORRY
A Matter of PerceptionJETThe aftershocks from TSbyBS become too painful for Jim to tolerate.Jim is SORRY
AgonyDC StreetsLike wading through deep waters. Jim is SORRY
Wages of Sins

Rewards of Virtue
DanaeJim's been keeping secrets. Call this AU to be safe. I don't really know what it is. Spoilers of S2 and TSbyBS. It's very long so you may want to try the parts.....

The nightmare is not over. Crossover with my original characters from the Agency. Again, call this AU to be safe. I don't really know what it is. Spoilers of S2 and TSbyBS. It's very long so I have it divided a couple of ways...
Jim is SORRY
It's a Matter of Trust and LoyaltyWolfpanther? Jim is SORRY
VeritasSwellisonWARNING: AU, Death Story. Jim attempts to put his life back together after the events at the fountain. Jim is SORRY
The Center Cannot Hold Iris Wilde Blair defends his life with tragic consequences Poor Blair
Mark of the Beast Ysone A first season AU. Jim and Blair meet under very different circumstances Poor Blair
I Thought I Saw Sunlight Fluterbev An archetypal Blair-gets-kidnapped-then-rescued tale. Mucho angst and H/C. Poor Blair
Forever and a Day Auntie Hill


Poor Blair
Antithesis Java Head Something is very wrong with Jim, and Blair is in danger from him. Blair owies! Poor Blair
No Center LineLRHBalzerCONTAINS ADULT CONTENT This story begins following "A Different Way of Seeing" and "Sentinel, Too; Part Two." (The Sentinel/Nash Bridges/Millenium crossover) Poor Blair
Some are Silver...The Others GoldLRHBalzerCONTAINS ADULT CONTENT The story itself should probably have a PG13 warning on it, as it deals with adult topics. I found it interesting to write as it grew from an original 5 page, short, humorous story to one that ended up having a very serious overtone to it. Don't worry --- there's lots of smarm along the way! Poor Blair
Warm Fires of HomeJava Head Poor Blair
Stealing Home

Coming Home
Calista Echo? Poor Blair
ColdDaydreamerBlair disappears while on a three month expedition to Brazil.  When he suddenly reappers, he's been broken and it's up to Jim to put the pieces back together and figure out what happened. Poor Blair
High RiseMackieA little Blairpain for Shellie's birthday! Poor Blair
Last Man StandingJETJim helps Simon's old friend with a serial murder case. Poor Blair
For the Time BeingK. Hanna KorossyAs Jim keeps vigil over a critically injured Blair, Joel Taggart gets a closer look at a relationship with the ability to move mountains. Poor Blair
Plank  Martha   Blair didn't mean to snoop ... but finding that box in the back of Jim's closet may cost him his life just the same. Poor Blair 
Ordeal  Martha  When Jim learns just how far Blair is willing to go for a footnote, it nearly destroys their partnership. Poor Blair
Snake Oil  Martha  After Blair finally confronts old nemesis at an anthropology conference in Los Angeles, he and Jim bring more back to Cascade than just a touch of sunburn. Poor Blair
Cake  Martha  The darkest secret of Blair's past returns to haunt him in the midst of a difficult murder investigation. Poor Blair
Unsleeping  Martha  Sometimes a sentinel can just hear too damned much. Poor Blair
Missing Pieces Crowswork Jim and Blair are informed by a stranger named Jarod that their lives are about to change forever... if they survive Fic announcement
Bait and ShootLori WrightThe ethics surrounding the Bait and Shoot program are as much a problem for the community as it is for the two detectives. They need to resolve their own personal issues in order to deal effectively with both the unrest and a case of counterfeiting counterfeit Pokeman cards
Kith or KinFluterbevSomeone who knows about sentinels is committing crimes in Cascade. As Ellison works to solve the case, a conspiracy comes to light which threatens to end his partnership with Sandburg forever.
Blair runs from Jim
Walking with Dark AngelsCD Stewart200 years after a genius but amoral geneticist discovered he could genetically engineer Sentinels and produced dozens before finding he couldn't GE Guides, empaths are extremely valuable to all sorts of people... Blair runs from Jim
I'll Be Home for ChristmasCrowsworkJim and Blair's trust in each other is put to the test by a beautiful temptress. Can Jim keep his friend from making a terrible mistake? Can Blair survive and keep his promise to make it home for Christmas? Angry Blair
After AllCrowsworkHas an unspeakable incident driven Blair to end his friendship with Jim? Has trust and loyalty been strained to the breaking point, or is there an even darker secret keeping the partners apart? Angry Blair
The Mad SeasonCarolROI and SuisanA cycle of Sentinel fiction by CarolROI and Suisan, connected by the songs of Matchbox Twenty. Angry Blair
My Soul to KeepYsoneImagine a post-war future. Imagine being one of over a hundred known Sentinels in a world without Guides. Now imagine one was found. Blair is an important person
Upgrade seriesYS McCoolArtificial Sentinels protect the public and from their ranks, a real Sentinel emerges. Blair is an important person
In Plain SightAriannaI thought I had TSbyBS options worked out of my system, but apparently not. This story takes Blair down a different path Blair is an important person
Out of Harm's WayK. RynWhen Jim flies to Denver on a prison extradition, leaving Blair safely tucked away in the loft working on a paper for one of his University classes, no one expects trouble to come calling. Blair hurt while Jim is gone
Lost seriesMary EllenBlair faces the repercussions of his actions in "The Sentinel By Blair Sandburg". Blair leaves and Jim is blind
The SeedKikkimaxJim is the only thing standing between Blair and a beautiful monster who needs his life force to sustain her eternal youth. Spooky stories
CurupiraLaurie BorealisThere's something frightening in the forest near Cascade, something that may have come from Peru. Spooky stories
Blood BorneKikkimaxA blood thirsty killer is on the prowl and no one is immune.  Who will be the next victim?  Who will make the next Kill? Spooky stories
VampireFluterbevJim launches into protective mode when Blair gets a new girlfriend.
Spooky stories
 Too Late the ShamanMaaaaaBoo! Spooky stories
Dirty WaterMab Browne? Spooky stories
SupayDL WitherspoonIt was the scent of blood that caught his attention. Acrid, yet sweet—cloying even. It drew him inside the dark space, a place he knew he should avoid. It was as if there were signs all over, shouting to him in flashing colors to run away. Yet the blood called, and he followed. Spooky stories
Crimson MoonVisionAs the moon turns red, so will the streets of Cascade.... Spooky stories