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Hero Du Jour - The Race part of the Hero Du Jour Series

TAE and Danawheels

Mable enters a 10K race and is told she needs an 'attendant', much to her annoyance. Joel volunteers to ask his co-workers for a volunteer to accompany her, with the predictable results.

Joel's wife is in a wheelchair.

Lighthouse Hunter's Sentinel Page

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Lighthouse Hunter

A collection of gen and slash stories/series.

New Author Announcement.

A Simple Gift

Jael Lyn

When Jim Ellison and Blair Sandburg parted, neither man had an easy time picking up the pieces. Can they each build a better life, or has time run out?

Blair becomes a cop, then has a falling out with Jim and leaves. Three years later he's in Chile when Joel comes to get him because Jim is in the hospital.

An Everchanging Life

Annie and Victoria May

Blair returns to Cascade three years after he disappeared, bringing a little surprise. Part 1 written by Victoria May, Part 2 written by Annie.

The boys are seperated for any reason for years. 5, 10, etc.

Four Years

Gil Hale

He’d had four long years of not thinking about Jim, of not remembering being a reject as a guide and a friend and even as someone to trust. Written for the Sentinelangst “Where are they now?” November Themefic.

The boys are seperated for any reason for years. 5, 10, etc.


The Amazing Maurice

Death isn’t serious – he just has a very good poker face.  An ‘alternative’ version of That Scene in ‘Sentinel Too’.


Crossover with Discworld.

Casualties of War Series


Who does Blair know in San Diego? Will Jim ever find the mop? And does AT&T or MCI have the best state to state call rates? Post Sentinel Too, part 2.

Alternate Universe, or more accurately, veering from canon.


Crossover with Stargate SG1.

Back Step


After Blair's death, Alex releases the VBX, and the Backstep group go back in time to change things.

SenToo...WAYBACK link provided.

Crossover with Seven Days.

Bureaucratic Error


An angel's work is never done...especially around the time of those pesky season finales!


Crossover with Highlander.

Quantum Exchange


What really happened in 'Sentinel Too'?


Crossover with Quantum Leap.

Oxygen Deprivation


Delirium does a job. Crossover, because the story refused to eat its supper otherwise, with the Sentinel.


Crossover with Sandman.

The Ambivalent Series

Caro Dee

It's been a while since Jim disappeared but Blair is still searching.

The boys are seperated for any reason for years. 5, 10, etc.



AU future where Blair doesn't become a cop.

The boys are seperated for any reason for years. 5, 10, etc.

Old Friends


Seven years after TSbyBS, what are Jim and Blair doing?

The boys are seperated for any reason for years. 5, 10, etc.



Daniel looks for peace in the aftermath of Absolute Power and The Light. Unfortunately, he goes looking for it in The Most Dangerous City in America.

Crossover with Stargate SG1.

All Roads Lead To Cascade and its sequel Living In Cascade


Its years after the dissertation fiasco and Blair returns home.

The boys are seperated for any reason for years. 5, 10, etc.

Home Trilogy


They say you can't go home again...or can you?

The boys are seperated for any reason for years. 5, 10, etc.



Two strangers meet, share a vision and hastily part.

Crossover with Angel.


Meredith Lynne aka Molly

In which the Major Crime department raises bickering to an art form, and events of a dire nature are visited upon just about everybody. Kind of my tribute to Lee Brackett, who does not, in fact, appear in this story at all.

AU.  Blair as an empath.



Episode tag to Sentinel, Too. Halloween brings up some scary memories for Blair.


Routine Traffic Stop


 Jim, Blair and an anything-but-routine traffic stop.  

Crossover with ER.

Observations and Conclusions


A trio of missing scenes for TSbyBS.

Missing Scenes.

Ghost Story and its sequel

Ghost Story 2


A few years later the guys are still helping the tribe; it's just a different sort.

Jim or Blair is a ghost.

Collateral Damage


Jim has a spirit guide.

Jim or Blair is a ghost.

The Life Between


Jim fears that he is inadequate.

Jim or Blair is a ghost.

The Captain's Ride

Mary Shadinger

Can friendship cross death's door? Blair will met Jim under very different circumstances.

Jim or Blair is a ghost...WAYBACK link provided.

Street Angel


An AU where Sentinel and Guide meet in a different way.

Jim or Blair is a ghost.