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Unscheduled Stop


Quick glimpse into the childhood of Blair Sandburg, future Shaman and Guide.


Full Circle


After TS by BS, Blair finds it difficult to cope and makes a decision that may shatter the Sentinel/Guide bond forever.

Blair has amnesia.

Guide Finding (WIP)

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Jael Lyn

In the future, a disenfranchised guide and a new sentinel are thrust together. This is the third instalment in the Guide Placement Series.

New chapter posted.

New Year's


A New Year's celebration turns ugly.



Mary Ellen

When Jim is injured, someone close to him has a surprising reaction.

Simon as the bad guy.

Has-Beens and Wannabees


After being offered the badge, the commissioner makes Blair and Jim work in the cold cases so they won't be in the limelight.

Blair as a cop.


Jael Lyn

Sandburg's assignment with Major Crimes is challenged and he is forced to transfer.

Blair as a cop.

Think Outside The Box

Jael Lyn

Takes place after TSbyBS. Jim's a little burned out, and Simon sends the partners out of town, hoping to give them a break.

Blair as a cop.

Excessive Force and its sequel Itís Only A Year

Jael Lyn

A teenager lies dead - was the shooting justified or was it panic?

Blair as a cop.

After All


Has an unspeakable incident driven Blair to end his friendship with Jim? Has trust and loyalty been strained to the breaking point, or is there an even darker secret keeping the partners apart?

Blair as a cop.

An Anchor in the Storm and its sequel Not Waving But Drowning


Set a year after the events of TSbyBS. Blair is a cop and, although he is still working as Jim's partner, things are not going so well. An unexpected tragedy brings matters out into the open. A very sad tale, but with a glimmer of hope.

Blair as a cop.

Recovery Epic


This is the story of a strong but damaged Blair trying to find himself, his happiness, and his true path.

PLEASE NOTE: The first two cycles are GEN-friendly while the third cycle and epilogue are definitely SLASH.

Blair as a cop.

A Lesson from Zac


Itís Blairís first case as Jimís official partner, and itís a tough one for both of them.

Blair as a cop.

If Wishes Were Horses


A terrible case of child neglect brings up long buried memories for Blair.

Blair as a cop.

My Guide Has Fleas

Susan Foster

While in the break room, Commander Slater has a rare insight into the sentinel world.

LF URL.Part of the GDP Series.

Broken Men

Sam Mallory

Jim and Blair have to rebuild their lives after a government group tries to destroy them.

Story Rec.


Jane Leavell

In an alternate universe sequel to "Sentinel Too," learn the truth about Blair Sandburg's "death" on The Sentinel.

Blair is brainwashed.

For A Male Guide Series


A story set in alternate universe where Sentinel/Guide pairs are known.

Blair is a guide finder.

And The World Was Changed


Set in the 24th century. Sentinels are known but, in a hundred years, only two natural-born guides have ever been found.

Blair as an empath.

Forces of Light and Dark followed by Unforseen Circumstances, Resolute and Burden

Java Head

Jim and Blair meet under slightly different circumstances and this Universe is remotely weirder than usual.

Blair as an empath.