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By Choice Pauline  Jim and Blair believe they have finally gotten over all the secrets and hurdles that have been thrown at them after the dissertation mess. Have they really, or is something even more shocking just around the corner? Steve and Blair are brothers - Jim has a different father 
Whispers in the Night DawnC 

What could possibly possess Jim to turn against Blair?

Blair afraid of Jim
'Till Death DawnC Blair is kidnapped and presumed dead. That's all I can say without giving anything away. Blair afraid of Jim
Dark, Still Water LitGal   ? Stargate crossover 
Indebted  MegaRed  Blair gets hit with an undeserved dose of the Old Ellison. And Jim gets hit with the guilt. The Debt missing scene Jim is angry 
Saber Universe Mary Shaddinger In a world where shape shifters exist, a dangerous new breed will make an appearance. Jim has saber fangs 
Guardians of the Tribe series Lori  The Infamous Jim as a shapechanging kitty cat stories better known to me as Guardians of the Tribe
Jim has saber fangs 
Distorted Reflections Lori Wright  While searching for the Lost City, SG-1 is trapped on a strange and frightening alternate Earth. Fifteen years ago a plague decimated the Earth, killing the adults and leaving the children to fend for themselves. Now those children have grown up, and a war is brewing over who will control the future. Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c find that they must fight, risking everything, if they hope to find a way home. URL request 
Vengeance CarolROI  Blair's in the hospital as the result of Jim's actions. Will he ever be able to trust his friends again? URL request 
Dealing Ismaro When Blair is arrested for drug smuggling, will the tragic consequences tear apart Sentinel and Guide? An alternative ending to The Girl Next Door. This story deals with mature and disturbing themes; reader discretion is advised.  URL request 
My Sentinel

Memories of the Jungle

A Sacred Trust
Arianna  This story is an AU situated in the future.

This is a companion piece to 'My Sentinel' and would fit into the story just before the 'epilogue' begins…

This is a sequel that follows immediately upon 'My Sentinel' and 'Memories of the Jungle'.

Jim uses his senses for covert surveillance 
Birthright series Rimilod  Will learning the identity of Blair's father change everything between Blair and Jim? William is Blair's father 
Inheritor Rhyo Fic recommendation 
Apache Shedoc What's with Blair's comment that he flew Apaches in Desert Storm? Blair flies helicopters 
I Flew Apaches in Desert Storm Debra Baschal  Maybe Blair wasn't obfuscating at the end of Siege Blair flies helicopters
Spirit Walk  Jennifer  Second year after Blair becomes a detective Break in stories 
The Center Cannot Hold  Iris Wilde  Blair defends his life with tragic consequences Break in stories 
Right of Birth  Freya-Kendra  A continuation of Murder 101. Norman Ventriss is a powerful man with a powerful, well-paid lawyer. A lack of hard evidence has resulted in clearing his son, Brad, of murder charges in the death of Dennis Chung. Now Brad is out to "teach the teacher," intent on showing Blair Sandburg how the right of birth sets everyone's place in society. What he fails to realize is that Blair and Jim have a right of birth of their own. Break in stories 
Still a Little Off LitGal  ? Stargate crossovers 
Exchanging Rooms Victoria May Jim and Blair are on the show Exchanging Rooms.  Trading spaces 
Companions to Our Demons  Holly Lyn  An old enemy is on the loose and wreaking havoc. Blair hit by a car 
Duty Deferred LitGal As a member of the elite Sentinel Guard, Jim Ellison has always gotten what he wanted. However, now that he's starting to lose control over his senses, the one thing he wants--a guide--eludes him. Even visiting the Earth enclave of strong, well-trained guides doesn't help. So he decides to take a risk hunting the ruined outlands of the primitive homeworld. What he finds is that life and duty aren't always simple and some guides don't want a sentinel. Jim looking for his guide 
In the Absence Of Jael Lyn  Originally posted to the Sentinel Angst List. Written as a themefic for Hephaistos. Trustworthy doctors 
Slaver series DoggyJ  In the future, who has control of Sentinels?  Blair buys Jim 
Vet series Judy L  Jim meets someone special  Trustworthy doctors 
Family series DL Witherspoon  These stories involve one or more members of Jim Ellison's "other" family, a watchdog organization of which he is the Elder, second-in-command and "heir to the throne  Trustworhty doctors 
Beyond Survival Annie  Tag for Survival Fic announcement