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Little Lost Boy


Blair's cryptic words at the hospital were just a hint at the horrors of the past. Now Jim must watch as the nightmare returns and threatens to take the young man away forever. Will the support of their colleagues be enough to prevent any more harm?

The story picks up one week after Suicide Watch.

Blair was abused as a child.

Memory's Prisoner part of

A Merging of the Souls Series


A new case from the Vidocq Society proves to have a personal link for Blair and reveals a memory long forgotten.

Blair was abused as a child.

Fallen Heroes part of the Evolution of Friendship Series


Epilogues for Payback and True Crime.

Blair was abused as a child.

Letters from Hades

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When Blair is acting strange, Jim fears that there's a connection to the fountain incident. The truth they uncover together, proves to be worse.

There is a prequel to this story called Then and Now.

Blair suffering from multiple personality disorder.

21 Days

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Laura Tucker

Bioterrorists are on the loose in Cascade. Rainier University is ground zero. Who will survive?

Military after Jim and Blair.

Swing High

Gil Hale

“Jim would like to rip the guy’s head off. Blair found that reprehensibly comforting.”

Blair was abused a child.

Sandburg, Ellison and Adam


Seven years after TSbyBS...

Jim, Blair and a dog.

How Come My Dog Don't Bark When You Come Around


Jim finds that two Blessed Protectors are one Blessed Protector too many.

Jim, Blair and a dog.

My Buddy And Me

Kim Jackson

Jim and Blair find an abused dog in the forest and take him in for a time. Meanwhile, Jim is working in a series of home invasions that hit a little too close to home. To make matters worse, Jim is feeling a little under the weather.

Jim, Blair and a dog.



Jim and Blair dogsit for a friend.

Jim, Blair and a dog.

The Heart of a Warrior


Darn, I don't know how to describe this one. If I say "Blair finds another Blessed Protector" I'll be lynched *grin* I'll just say it's a "Doggie-Sue" story :-)

Jim, Blair and a dog.

Will You Remember Me? and its sequel No More Shadows


AU continuation from the point following Blair's drowning in the fountain to and past the events in TSbyBS.

The boy inside the man.

Chaos Series


AU.  In the not-so-distant future, fate, destiny or whatever you want to call it, pull a Sentinel and Guide together.

Blair in a coffin/box.