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Slash Archive April 2000


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Waiting PJ Blair waits for Jim. Caroline kicks Blair out of the loft after Jim apparently dies.
The Letter Svenja A letter to a dear departed... Story rec
Broken Wings Juli While on vacation, Jim and Blair meet a troubled young man.
TS/Poltergeist crossover
Top Maxine Mayer No summary TS/XFiles crossover
The Farraday Cage Gloria Lancaster Jim and Blair are together and then something happens.
TS/XFiles crossover
Blame It On The Night Senta Nahll No summary TS/XFiles crossover
Truth Or Consequences Lori & Wolfling No summary Virtual season ep
Out Of Whack Bone & Aristide Some events transpire. Smut is involved. Jim hears Blair masturbating
One Of These Nights Thomas Jim and Blair share a secret.
Jim hears Blair masturbating
Detour Emily Brunson No summary. Jim or Blair in a mental hospital
Wishin' And Hopin' Gena Fisher No summary Blair as a child
The Healer Alyjude Major Crimes is hit hard and healing and unification comes from a surprising source.
Blair as a child
Run Summer Rain Naomi in trouble with criminals
Crow On The Cradle Kaelleigh After working a disturbing child abuse case, Blair confesses old secrets to Jim.
Blair sexually abused as a child
Ever After Myrna A tragedy on the job changes everything for Jim and Blair.
Blair mentally regressed to a child
Corbie's Song Kaelliegh Prequel to Crow On The Cradle Blair sexually abused as a child
All Through The Night Kaelleigh Sequel to Crow On The Cradle Blair sexually abused as a child
A Moment Of Clarity Eriker After coming close to a breakdown in Simon's office, Blair explains parts of his childhood to Jim. Blair abused as a child
On The Run Danny D Jim and Blair are on the run Story rec
Lonely Hearts Club Toshua Blair as a young model, tired of the strain, meets an Army Ranger before he ships out to Peru.
Blair as a model
Rape, Lies And Videotape Russett MacMillan Blair and Simon learn about Jim's last case with Vice.
Jim raped and beaten while unconscious. Other cops watch the tape.
Nature Vs Culture Francesca Nature and culture are warring for control of James Ellison, and Blair's future hangs in the balance.
Blair with appendicitis
Understand Me Saraid Jim and Blair are working a nasty prostitute serial murder case, finally calling in a specialist from the FBI for help. Meanwhile, recently awakened memories are driving Blair closer and closer to the edge. H/C story rec
Bid Him Come, Bid Him Go Legion Lt. Colonel James Ellison returns home to Cascade after medical retirement from the Army and acquires a most unusual roommate
H/C story red
Telling Secrets N'Wanda Jim has been infected with a deadly virus that can be spread through sexual contact.
Jim gets infected with a virus
Top Maxine Mayer Jim believes Blair is unhappy with their lovelife, so he asks Walter Skinner (of "XFiles" fame) for help.  XFiles/TS crossover
History Kim Gasper Five years ago, Jim asked Blair to be the best man at his wedding. The night before though, after a little too much to drink, something unexpected happens... Jim gets married and Blair leaves town.
Exile Kim Gasper After Jim gets married, Blair leaves Cascade, and the painful memories. He deals with his feelings and thoughts about Jim in his journal entries. (This is the 2nd in the series that began with History.) Jim gets married and Blair leaves town.
Shared Lives Kim Gasper After a five year separation, Jim and Blair begin to create a life together.
Sequel to History and Exile.
Jim gets married and Blair leaves town.
Sugar Is Sweet Russet McMillan In the middle of a perplexing case, Jim encounters his double -- and learns some things about himself and Blair. Jim can't achieve orgasm with women
Three Little Birds Zen & Nancy No Summary TS/Highlander crossover
Sweet Memory Pumpkin & Saraid No summary. Warning for underage sex. Fic rec
Welcome To Cascade Montserrat Blair is detained at the airport for apparent drug smuggling.
Warnings - This story contains *non-consensual* activities like a rectal exam, an enema and stomach pumping. The bad guys do it - not Jim. .
Dark fics
Cop Of The Year Montserrat Jim receives another "Cop of the Year" honor...and it goes uphill from there; m/m, h/c, violence, angst, betrayal Dark fics
In The Spider's Web Montserrat Jim and Blair suffer from an assault on Blair. Very dark story, very angsty. Dark fics
Silent Seduction - Night Train Taleya Jim takes care of anthropologist with the flu. Unfortunately, Blair decides it's time to play games... One or other with the flu
Beyond Saraid A mission of mercy turns deadly.
Jim and Blair die after rescuing a child in the woods
Gray Reality Legion Follows Dark Dreams Lived and Bright Nightmares Survived.
This story is a sequel to Bright Nightmares Survived.
Vulnerable Jim
The Because series Ceares No summary Bizarre crossovers
Nom de Guerre Taleya During the Second World War, OSS officer James Ellison is airdropped to make contact with a group of Maquis fighters in occupied France. Anzac Day recs
Primal Urges Kim Gasper What if Blair met Jim in the jungle? Anzac Day recs
A Soldier's Heart XFreak Army captain Jim Ellison and his roommate are faced with a problem. Anzac Day recs
My Soldier XFreak Jim and Blair deal with the aftermath of the attacks. Anzac Day recs
New Things Voracity Crossover with Buffy The Vampire Slayer Crossovers with Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Get Well Soon Rainy Day Blair is flu-stricken and Jim tries to alleviate his discomfort. Flu stories
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Alexis Rogers After viewing an episode of Buffy, The Vampire Slayer, Blair starts thinking about the concept of hero/sidekick relationships, and furthering the gene pool. Crossovers with Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Waking Resonant A Sentinel, a Guide, and a New Age alarm clock. Vulnerable Jim
Picture Perfect Kim Gasper Blair learns that Jim has done some photo-modeling. Jim as a model in gay porn magazines
Switched Men Cynara Blair and Jim meet under different circumstances. No Switchman spoilers. Blair as a cop, Jim not a cop.
Anger Brenda Antrim Misunderstandings and miscommunications create a wall between Sentinel and Guide that can only be breached by an explosive betrayal. Jim walks in on Blair having sex
Tasteful Mona Ramsey Blair has a 'code'. Jim zones on the cure. Spicy soup story
No Questions In Forever Myrna Jim and Blair, early in Season One with Carolyn stopping by to ask for a quick favor. Caroline interrupts romantic dinner for Jim and Blair.
A Weakness Of The Flesh Mary Reilly Blair succumbs to a moment of weakness. Blair with heart condition
An Acceptable Penance Mary Reilly Blair deals with his mistake.This story is a sequel to A Weakness of the Flesh. Blair with heart condition
Bad Touch Laura Jacquez Valentine Sequel to Rough Trade Blair as the aggressor
Rough Trade Laura Jacquez Valentine Jim reacts badly to something Blair does Blair as the aggressor
Blood Sport Laura Jacquez Valentine Sequel to Bad Touch Blair as the aggressor
Cutting Strings Laura Jacquez Valentine Sequel to Blood Sport Blair as the aggressor
I'm Just Fuckin' With Ya JA Chapman & Olivia Monteith Jim fucks with Blair Blair as the aggressor
Dress For Success Alyjude Wherein the mysteries of life are answered for Blair as he dresses to impress. Blair as the aggressor
If Ben Were Here And Sentinels Weren't So Stupid Alyjude Wherein Blair and Jim get stuck in an elevator and if you can't guess what happens, then you really need to read more slash. Way more. Blair as the aggressor
I Had A Dream Francesca Blair has a dream. Blair as the aggressor
The Gravity of Love Shadow Sequel to The Edge. Injured Lover Sex Matrix
The Bodyguard Terri Botta Jim gets an unwelcome assignment who ends up teaching him a thing or two about life and love. Jim protecting troupe of dancers
True Confessions Terri Botta Sequel to The Bodyguard Jim protecting troupe of dancers
Act Of Contrition BCW This is a sequel of sorts to the episode, Secret. Secrets epilogue
Paternity Blues Jen R Blair has a hard time dealing with the nearing arrival of his and Jim's son. Jim and Blair with kids
Snapshots Saraid Sequel to Paternity Blues Jim and Blair with kids
Homeward Bound Alyjude A strange court case sends an Investigator for DA Beverly Sanchez to San Francisco to track down an important witness. Crossover with Magnum
Coming Down Katrina Bowen Blair's been up for day's grading finals, and works himself into such a state of exhaustion that Jim has to put him to bed.... Sleepy Blair
Target Brenda Antrim Blair gets hurt in the course of an Average Day in the Life of an Anthropologist, and Jim makes some decisions during his recovery. Jim and Blair attacked in the loft