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Requested Theme

Undercover Guides

(Inspired by the GDP Universe)


Guides have been beaten and downtrodden too long, now they are starting to fight back. Blair Sandburg, Ray Kowalski and Vin Tanner are three of the most powerful Guides ever to be born and they use their gifts to help them infiltrate the very heart of the organisation that has tried to enslave them and others like them for generations - the GDP. Destruction and mayhem are left in the wake of their carefully planned strike and it's only when they are once again free that they begin to understand maybe dismissing the importance of the bond between Sentinel and Guide as they have done may be their undoing. Jim Ellison and the rest of his Sentinels don't take being made to look fools lightly.

LF more chapters...established that it is still a WIP and has not been updated for a long time.

Crossover with Due South/Magnificent 7

Courage Under Fire


Jim is a fireman who meets and falls in love with Blair.


The Voices Within


What will Dr. Blair Sandburg think of the patient that comes in to his office saying he hears voices in his head?




What happens when a tough guy turns soft when he meets and falls for one of his skips?

AU. First Times.

Pinecrest and its sequel

Heartís Desire


After the events of TS by BS, Blair overhears a conversation that causes him to leave Cascade and start a new life as a teacher on a reservation.

Blair and his students.

Hot for Teacher


Sociology teacher, Blair Sandburg, falls in love with the uncle of his problem student.

Blair and his students.AU.



Love always seems to appear when you're not looking for it. Just ask second-grade school teacher Blair Sandburg.

Blair and his students.AU.

Map of the Sentinel Heart

Part 1 and Part 2


After TSbyBS, Jim and Blair must separate so people don't suspect the truth. Blair goes to work at a commune.

Blair and his students.

Jimís Story

Lemon Drop

Details the growth of the guyís relationship by studying Blair through Jim's eyes.

Blair and his students.

No Matter What


When Blair lets Jim down on a case, it seems theyíll never be able to work things out.

Blair and his students.

Mean Streets

Sugar n Spice

Blair gets mad at Jim for defending him in a fight, and then takes kickboxing lessons and in the next fight he defends himself, and he and Jim become lovers, and get outed, and Blair teaches self defense and takes on a challenge from homophobic cops.

Blair teaches self defence...WAYBACK link provided.

Love in Unexpected Places


Two fans of the TV show The Watchman join an adult discussion list, discovering love in the process.

First Times.

Moment of Impact

Annabelle Leigh

Blair suffers a serious head injury in the line of duty and can't remember anything about his life, much to the puzzlement of his doctors. So what is so bad that he has to forget? That's what he needs to figure out.

Blair has amnesia...established that it is still a WIP and has not been updated for a long time.


Have You Seen This Man?


When Jim is caught up in a disaster, Blair looks for him, using his knowledge of what his sentinel and lover would do.

Jim and/or Blair reacting to news of an explosion.

Shamanís Journey


Shaman's Journey is a series of linked slash stories by multiple authors telling a longer story, about Blair becoming a shaman.

Blair as a shaman.

Another Mode of Belonging

Grit Kitty

"To love another you have to undertake some fragment of their destiny." -- Quentin Crisp

Blair as a dad.

Letting Go and its sequel Holding On


Blair is kidnapped by white slavers and taken to South America to be sold. The owner of a small plantation, Jim Ellison, sees the young slave at the market and purchases him. This is an unusual love story with my usual happy ending.

AU. Undercover slave fic.

The Inheritance Series

The Tenth Muse

Blair gets an unexpected Inheritance that changes his and Jim's life forever - a daughter.

Blair as a dad.

Too Sweet


Blair has to come to terms with a diagnosis of diabetes, and Jim is determined to see the man he loves stay alive and healthy.

Blair as a diabetic/hyperglycaemic.

The Sweetness In My Life


Blair is getting better at coping with his diabetes, but it still gets rough sometimes. When it does, he knows where to turn.

Blair as a diabetic/hyperglycaemic.

One More Chance and its sequel

Father Figure


Blair is diagnosed with hypoglycemia which complicates their lives.

Blair as a diabetic/hyperglycaemic.

Unexpected Delivery and its sequel Baby Steps

Raine Wynne

Blair thinks he has everything planned -- but he wasn't counting on a surprise.

Jim as a dad.

Crossing Ninevah LOCKED ON A03

Polly Bywater

Jim stops taking second chances for granted.

Blairís first kill.

Two Birds With One Stone


New detective Blair Sandburg kills a a man in the line of duty. Why is Internal Affairs so ready to assume the worst?

Blairís first kill.

Thief of Hearts


Captain Jim Ellison from Narcotics finds a thief in his home and loses his heart.

AU.Blair as a criminal.



Jim and Blair have left Cascade for a quiet life in rural Washington State.

Blairís first kill. Blair killing someone as a cop underlies the situation in this story.

Thin Blue Line Virtual Season 1


An online collaboration of fan writers and artists that produced a monthly series of slash "movies" based on the TV show The Sentinel.

Blair as a shaman.



A brief glimpse of the well-honed machine that is Ellison and Sandburg.

Slice of life.