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Degrees of Truth Sorka  Jim's life has alway been something of a mystery. Blair learns that some truths are harder to take than others Slash version of the Family Series 
Crossroad Blues Jane Davitt Following the events of 'Crossroads', Jim and Blair struggle to reconnect Crossroads stories 
Solitude  Sammy  Jim's coming home. (Gee, what did you expect? Short summary for a short story.)
Crossroads stories 
Crossroads  Alyjude  Wherein Jim says good-bye to Blair and Simon who then try to get off the mountain (without much success) while Jim ruminates over the fact that maybe he wished they were still here - or at least that Blair was still here, er, there, um, with him, you know? He also decides that his mid-thirties have been great. Duh.
Crossroads stories  
Just Beyond the Crossroads Candy Apple  Jim finds what he was truly looking for when he set out on his trip. Crossroads stories  
Room Enough  Cori Lannam  After the events of 'Crossroads,' Jim gets his fill of solitude Crossroads stories 
Crossroads: Junction's End  Kris  Blair takes Jim's words to heart and acts upon them Crossroads stories 
Flowers  Winds-of-Dawn  Blair wants flowers...
Crossroads stories  
To Hold a Wolf by the Ears  Dangermouse  Jim comes home from Clayton Falls to discover that Blair's gone on a retreat of his own Crossroads stories  
Road to Discovery  Krisser  After the mayhem at Clayton Falls, Blair gives Jim a piece of his mind Crossroads stories  
Fever Dream  PJ  What *really* happened in Clayton Falls Crossroads stories  
Spaces  Grey  Jim and Blair come to an understanding after "Crossroads".
Crossroads stories 
Crossroads  Taylor Collins  After Jim's ranting about houserules in The Rig, Blair starts thinking about moving out. Crossroads stories 
Truths that Wake  Charlotte Frost  year after TSbBS, Blair is finally closing in on finishing his doctorate and the future has never looked so uncertain -- for himself and for his friends. A story of what we think we need versus what we think we want versus what others think we need versus what we allow ourselves to have.
Fish tank story 
Broken Wings  Juli  While on vacation, Jim and Blair meet a troubled young man  The Legacy crossover
Retrieval Series Polly Bywater  Blair was lost but now is found  Blair's uncle has him committed
Tough Love  Arianna  Jim's vehemence and Blair's ambivalence about a case concerning a student prostitute ring threatens to tear them apart Blair gets angry 
A Thank You'd be Nice  BCW  No one likes to feel they're being taken for granted. "Please and thank you" aren't necessities, but certainly one of life's little pleasantries. Well, obvious Jim doesn't think so and Blair has had about all the ingratitude he can take. Blair gets angry 
Mia  Francesca  Jim Ellison meets the woman of his dreams Blair gets angry 
Photographic Evidence  Annabelle Leigh  At a crime scene, Jim finds evidence of Blair's youthful indiscretions, and it forces him to confront painful and long forgotten events from his own past, as well as to navigate his feelings for his Guide. Blair gets angry 
Dare to be TestedAriannaJim decides Blair has to get over his fear of heights, and finds out more than he ever suspected in the fight that ensues. First times. Rated FRAO for graphic bonding.
Blair gets angry
Quiet Desperation Arianna  A very long Murder 101 missing scene. Warnings for occasional use of strong language. And, for those who are sensitive to the issues and realities of domestic abuse, while the subject is touched upon, I did not intend the physically violent incident between the principals in this story to be an example of domestic abuse - however, some may feel that the issue is handled too lightly.   Blair gets angry 
Auto Erotica Merry  In which Jim's taste in vehicles is called into question, most notably his fondness for teal. Jim knows the color teal 
Suggestive Hellesgift  What to think, when a detective starts dating his partner's double? Jim with Blair's lookalike
Gray Lily  Jim hears something about his relationship with Blair that he doesn't like.  Blair influences Jim 
DoppelgangerPsychgirlA serial killer comes to Cascade, and Blair is really wishing he'd paid more attention to his shamanic studiesShaman Blair
Two SpiritMelody Clark?Shaman Blair
Angel DustPanik A sequel to Chasing Rainbows Shaman Blair
Nature SeriesFrancescaNature and culture are warring for control of James Ellison, and Blair's future hangs in the balance. Shaman Blair
TamedDolimirJim and Blair meet under other circumstances, in a world where sentinels are acknowledged, but are not necessarily common.Shaman Blair
The CallingAuroraSeaAfter Sierre Verde, Jim and Blair experience powerful feelings for one another.Shaman Blair
The Shaman's First WeddingTazyEstablished relationship story in which Blair figures out one of the things a shaman is good for.Shaman Blair
Shaman's AcquisitonTazyJim and Blair are making some plans for the future, and some discoveries about themselves come along the way.
Shaman Blair
Between Two Worlds

Spirited Away
Dangermouse Tis another Shaman fic. Blair's a Shaman, he's also a cop. Where does he belong?

Cops keep going missing and they don't know where to find them
Shaman Blair
The Rules of Attraction series

Part 9
SpiderdineJim and Blair travel to Peru so Blair can undergo his initiation as a Chopec shaman.

Jim and Blair come home to Cascade after their Amazon adventure, play pepperoni roulette, and come in out of the rain.
Shaman Blair
Grandmother Raven seriesMrs.Hamill"What happened, child? What... Blair, you're covered in blood. What happened to you?"Shaman Blair

Pinecrest 2
Rentgirl2Blair gets a life.

Loving Jim and having Jim love him in return had been his heart's desire for years. But was it what he really wanted? Was it what he could live with?
Shaman Blair
The Sequel of ObligationAkilahA brand new Sentinel is dropped into Blair's lap, just when he's become resigned to the fact that Jim can't give him what he needs.
Shaman Blair
Into the Summer Sea

Sand and Water

Still the Deep
Audra RosePost S2P2. Ghosts. Guilt. Murder. Mental anguish.

More ghosts. More mental anguish. Impending evil. Unapologetically romantic schmoop. No one important dies.

Three months after the fountain, Jim and Blair are haunted by the experience. Literally.
Shaman Blair
Shades of Grey and BlueMabAfter Sentoo and TSbBS, Blair's feeling a little insecure. Something tries to take advantage of that.Shaman Blair
Something Evil this way ComesDolimirThe Panthers, a special covert op, team seeks a rogue agent in New Orleans. It soon becomes apparent that they are in way over their heads. Can a white witch protect Jim's team and steal his heart? Shaman Blair
KushtakaJane MailanderBlair really shouldn't go fishing by himself.Shaman Blair
IdentityKit MasonBlair's first case, after he's sworn in, takes him undercover on the street
Shaman Blair
Every Purpose Under HeavenPsychGirlMany years in the future, Blair meets a young girl in a cemetery. Shaman Blair
Blair Sandburg: Shaman, Guide, Wizard Amarin RoseWhen a Wizard named Severus Snape shows up, he gives the guys some...unexpected news. *Really* unexpected.
Harry Potter crossover
Guide's TouchNeichanIn a world where Sentinels are known, Jim Ellison still is not getting what he needs.
Jim examines a new apartment
Blair Sandburg and the Case of the Missing MoneyMadame BeetrootJim and Blair attempt to solve a mysterious new case. Crossover with Harry Potter.
Harry Potter crossover
Witches and Wisdom TeethAmarin Rose Jim is getting his wisdom teeth taken out -- but the dentist is rather odd.
Harry Potter crossover
SpellboundSuisanWhile waiting anxiously for the latest release by a favorite author, someone falls into very strange circumstances. Harry Potter crossover
Harry's New FamilySweetkitty?Harry Potter crossover
Party FavorsGena?XFreak sequel
FieldworkGenaThe anthropologist in Blair needs to study hookers. Who would think he would find his Holy Grail at the same time.XFreak sequel
Metal JamesMargaret NewmanSet a hundred years or so in the future, Naomi wins an Intimate Companion in a contest and gives it to her son Blair for his birthday.XFreak sequel
Dr. B. Sandburg, Traveling Medicine Man

James Joseph Ellison, Lawman

James Joseph Ellison Jr., called Jay

Margaret Naomi Sandburg - Reluctant Little Lady
ScribeBlair Sandburg has roamed the old west, healing and helping, searching for where he belongs. He is about to find out that it is not a place, but a person...

Set in the Old West. Now a firmly committed couple, Jim and Blair try to help a pregnant woman trapped in an abusive relationship.

Blair, Jim, and little Margaret have formed a strong and loving family, when someone from Jim's past comes to call--bringing a surprise.

the old West, Jim and Blair are raising Jim's son, Jay, and Blair's adopted daughter, Maggie. Things are going great, except for one problem--Jim is determined that Maggie will be a 'lady', and Maggie is determined to be a tomboy. Then complications arise in the form of Carolyn--Jim's ex-wife, and Jay's mother.
Lost URL
Point of ContactJane DavittThis is an AU fic set in present day, with Jim the owner of an escort agency and Blair a client who orders a female hooker and gets Jim insteadXFreak sequel
Faithless LoveRoxane?URL request
Shore LoveKaitelynnRevelations at the Jersey shore.URL request
Into the LightAngelee A Sentinel takes another GuideSmallville crossover
AlchemyJoolzSentinel/ Stargate SG1 Crossover: Four strong individuals come to grips with what's really important in life.Stargate crossover
ThreadsGreyJim has issues with fatherhoodVows of Silence missing scene
Big Boys, Bears and Boo-BoosDaydreamerWhen Jim is called in to investigate a child's death, it stirs up memories for Blair.
Kitty litter near a murdered body
Folie a DeauxSihaya BlackWhat's a guy to do when his partner wants to become his *partner*?Good Naomi
Where the Love Light GleamsCorbeauCompare and contrast--our boys experience Christmas Past (1995) and Christmas Present (1999)
Good Naomi
Letting GoElaineTSbyBS, so angst abounds. Blair can't handle cutting his hair. Jim can't handle Blair not handling cutting his hair.
Good Naomi
Talking to SantaCaro Dee and Pam HJim has other plans for Christmas and Blair talks too much.
Good Naomi
Berrying the PastHellesgiftJim and Blair go for a walk in the woods and down memory lane.
Good Naomi
PilgrimBrighidBut one man loved the pilgrim soul in you. Good Naomi
Tempus FugitLemon DropThere is no reality except in action. (Jean-Paul Sartre)
Good Naomi
Cloud MountainLemon DropJim and Blair house-sit for friends of NaomiGood Naomi
MexicoLemon DropBlair makes a discovery about his past while on vacation in Mexico with Jim.Good Naomi
Everything's Jake seriesAlyjudeHalloween is around the corner but Jim and Blair have a great deal to learn and a life to rethink. And after this Halloween, their lives will never be the same.Good Naomi
The Devil You Know

Susan Williams?URL request
The Devil you Know

The Devil May Care
PsychgirlA simple request turns out to be the beginning of a nightmare for Jim and Blair.

Alex Barnes is back, and things get more complicated for Jim and Blair.
URL request
Conforming to RequirementsFluterbevA novel length AU set in a parallel world, where Sentinels are prized members of society and Guides are second class citizens. Sentinel Ellison doesn’t want to Bond, and his unconventional, temporary Guide is not allowed to.
God Naomi
Wind WhisperingPanik"Wind Whispering is the first magic a young gypsy learns. To lie listening to the wind with a question in your heart; ride the wind till the stirrings form softly spoken words, and the answer to your question is made clear. All things have a life of their own; it's just a matter of awakening the spirit in them.”
Good Naomi
A Child of GodPanikBlair's search for his father uncovers a dark, long hidden secret.
Good Naomi
BluePanikWhen Blair chose to take the badge and attend the Academy, he knew his life would never be the same again.
Good Naomi
What Comes TogetherCalista EchoThis is the first story in the Second Chance series which tells the AU tale of Jim Ellison, detective and aristocrat. Grief-stricken at the loss of his genetically cultivated guide, he chooses another-- a most unsuitable one. Blair Sandburg, faces a society that has no use for a "natural" empath.
Blair falls asleep while bonding
A Safe HarborBluewolfSet in a world where sentinels are feared and ostracized, Jim finds someone who can accept what he is. Jim leads people from Cascade
Into the Light


No Kind of Friendship

Three Plus One
AngeleeA Sentinel takes another Guide.

Sentinel confrontations

What makes a friend a friend?

Is there room for one more.
Smallville crossover
VowsGreyJim finds a whole new spiritual side to his guide.
Vows of Silence epilogue
Lost and FoundBarbara Nice-MillerBlair's trip to the mountains nearly takes a deadly turn.
Blair sick
Shizuka ShinesPolly BywaterThe day Blair finally breaks is just a day like any other day.
Good Naomi